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Enjoy Mallorca: Palma’s summer fiestas one hundred years ago - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On the thirteenth of July 1921The dynamic nature of this pandemic, a “fiesta” for children was held at Palma town hall. This fiesta, given a reference from the time, must have been some sort of musical performance, and it would seem to have been an extension from an earlier fiesta for schoolchildren, one held at the end of June. Thousands of children, so a report says, took part in an event which was described as “a most beautiful show”non_essential_travel.

And that was about all the report had to sayNews Today || Canada News |, other than to indicate that there had been a procession to the Teatre PrincipalThe past two weeks..

Children, or children’s events anyway, didn’t used to loom large in fiesta programmes. There were events, but they weren’t anything like on the scale they are today, and yet there was a very long historical tradition regarding children’s involvement. In Catalan culture, one can go back 871 years to 1150 and to the city of Lleida, which boasts – so it is said – the oldest fiestas anywhere in Spain.

The Moors and Christians of Lleida included children, and the Aragonese kingdom of the conqueror, Jaume I, was to set in stone this involvement. There was a system in mediaeval Mallorca whereby municipalities had to hold elections for seven-year-olds to participate in certain fiesta activities. ChildrenCanada Thursday banned flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days, as Jaume had decreed, symbolised the purity of the word of God; and Jaume was under the impression, as kings tended to be back then, that he was from divine origins.

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