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Many cities in China have held large and small exhibitions of home building materials, which show the popular trends and development trends of the home industry to all walks of life. For example, the just concluded 2016 Guangzhou Construction Expo has attracted many investors who are interested in joining in customized furniture, because for investors who join in customized furniture, the exhibition is indeed a good platform to find projects

grasp the wind vane of industry development

for investors who intend to join in customized furniture, in just a few days, through the exhibition, they can see the industry development and future trends very intuitively, judge the prospects and benefits of future investment in customized furniture, and also save a sum of market research costs

shop around and choose the best.

qualified investors can definitely find good brands to join by going to exhibitions more often. Because at the exhibition, investors who want to join in customized furniture can contact different furniture brands in a short time, understand the latest products, technologies, joining policies, etc. of their brands, and choose the best among many brands according to the local market and future trends

it is understood that Deville, one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, is positioned at the middle and high-end consumer groups. After 11 years of development, its whole house customized furniture products include European, French, pastoral, Mediterranean, Chinese, Southeast Asia, modern and other style series, which can meet the personalized and customized needs of modern young consumer groups and are widely favored by the market. This year, at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, many investors of franchised customized furniture were attracted to sign contracts on site by virtue of exquisite products, VR experience, subversive e-commerce model, perfect franchising policies and other advantages, and the scene was hot

for investors who join in custom furniture, choice is more important than effort

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