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With the continuous improvement of social science skills, the intelligent industry derived from the Internet of things has gradually entered the home life. Data shows that with the spread of smart home products all over the world, the market scale will reach 100 billion. In addition, the construction of cloud skills and big data channels must become the mainstream of the ecosystem in the future. In the face of such a trend, are door and window manufacturers out of the encirclement or buried

whether the company changes forward or backward

the rise of any emerging industry will face the situation of career reshuffle caused by the influx of a lot of capital. The smart home profession is developing rapidly, and it will also face the same situation. In the future, more and more door and window manufacturers will achieve win-win results through collaborative methods, and companies in different camps will also implement cross-border cooperation to build a green and healthy environment for their careers

real estate developers promote the development of intelligent industry

now, an increasing number of real estate developers have gradually introduced intelligent commodities to the side of real estate projects, and completed the increase of added value at the progressive level. Real estate developers are a big help to promote the development of smart goods. With the continuous implementation of real estate developers, consumers have gradually become fond of smart goods, and many people have now planned their own day space as smart homes

with the development of skills and the migration of times, the intelligent industry will involve any profession and any commodity, and will play a major role in the future. Therefore, door and window manufacturers must vigorously support the development of intelligent door and window products, so as to lay a solid foundation for seizing the proportion in the intelligent field in the future





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