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Chevron originated in France, the romantic capital, and appeared as early as the 16th century. It was written in the description of the palace of Versailles

chevron originated in France, the romantic capital. It appeared as early as the 16th century and was recorded in the description of the palace of Versailles. Nowadays, fishbone spelling is popular in all countries in the world, and it has also begun to rise quietly in China. Herringbone is a splicing method very similar to fishbone splicing. At first glance, there is no difference between the two spellings. A closer look will show the clue

▲ fish bone spelling on the left and herringbone spelling on the right

generally, people will use expensive solid wood floors or solid wood composite floors to make parquets. It's not because cheap floors can't be made, but because the process of special spelling is complex and the construction cost is also very expensive. It's not cost-effective to choose cheap floors

generally, there are three directions for flooring: horizontal, vertical and oblique. Herringbone and fishbone spelling are the same, but the change will be more obvious. We usually call it traditional spelling, straight spelling and oblique spelling. In another direction, people will feel different. Take herringbone for example:

traditional herringbone spelling:

oblique herringbone spelling:

traditional fishbone spelling:

Straight fishbone spelling:

oblique fishbone spelling:

noble and atmospheric fishbone spelling floor will indeed make a home unique, but due to the special construction processes such as fishbone spelling and herringbone spelling, the requirements for construction technology are very high. Not only that, it is difficult to find reliable decorators, and the loss rate is higher

the loss rate of ordinary floor is between 3% and 5%, and the herringbone spell can reach 7%, while the cutting loss of fishbone spell in the processing itself can reach 6%. At the same time, in the process of installation, because the floor is " For V-shaped splicing, the starting and ending places need to be trimmed, and the installation loss will consume about 2%. In other words, if you buy 100 square meters of fishbone floor, you can only shop about 92 square meters

high brand flooring focuses on environmental protection and good flooring. Over the past 18 years, continuous technological innovation has been made to use the technical advantages of reinforced composite flooring to achieve the surface effect of truly simulating various spelling methods such as herringbone spelling and fishbone spelling. The texture of the naked eye is close to that of solid wood flooring, so that personalized flooring is no longer troublesome and your home has a better possibility

▼ fishbone spelling effect ▼

▼ Tian Zi spelling effect ▼

▼ irregular color spelling effect ▼

▼ geometric color spelling effect ▼





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