The charm of the bay window of San Fano

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Recently, the "scenery" of the circle of friends has become more and more poetic in autumn, from colorful fallen leaves to fruitful melons and fruits, all telling the scenery and harvest of autumn

recently, with the arrival of Typhoon "Kanu", the temperature has dropped a lot at a high speed, and the autumn pants pressed on the bottom of the box are finally going to play a role. The "scenery" of the circle of friends is also more and more poetic in autumn, from colorful fallen leaves to fruitful melons and fruits, all telling the scenery and harvest of autumn

do we have the opportunity to enjoy more scenery if we haven't been able to travel outside

if you want to see beautiful scenery without going out, you will naturally need doors and windows in your home. In recent years, door and window design has become more and more popular in home decoration

whether out of the need to create more space, or to decorate the interior with different views of doors and windows, making rational use of doors and windows will not only bring a beautiful scenery to the room, but also let people enjoy the fun of quality life


design of casual floating window

if the area of your home is large enough and lighting, ventilation and vision are favorable, you can design it as a floating window in a multi-functional leisure area

lay a layer of soft tatami on the bottom of the bay window, and put a few pillows or a tea table, so that you can easily have a leisure corner

if you like shutters, match them with your favorite colors, and the warm sunshine will shed a mottled light and shadow. Beautiful scenery at present, such beautiful scenery can't be owned by everyone

it's also a special interest to enjoy leisure time quietly there, daze, read books, or invite some friends over for tea and chat

watching cars in the daytime and stars in the evening, even if the pace of life is in a hurry, it is also possible to slow down and savor it carefully

if you also set up such a floating window in your bedroom, you can see the scenery outside the window every day, and enjoy the company of night every night, keep company with time, embrace your dreams, and live all the way forward


storage bay window design

drawer storage cabinet is designed at the bottom. It is our most common bay window form, which is more practical and beautiful. With bright windows, it is also a perfect scenery

large pieces of daylighting glass and spacious windowsills enable people to have a broad vision. Small surprises and interests in life are even more readily available when lifting their eyes


bookshelf style floating window design

floating window not only increases the lighting and ventilation of the space to a great extent, but also adds a little bit of sentiment. If you want to create a relaxed and free office/learning atmosphere, you might as well try to transform the floating window into a bookstand

the combination of study and bay window is like taking food to travel, enjoying the edification of knowledge without losing romance. I think many wonderful trips are no better than this

according to the height of the bay window, put side cabinets on both sides and design it into a bookshelf, which can make the bay window become the visual focus of the whole space and bring different visual enjoyment to the home

if you still like raising dogs and kittens, you will also find such a beautiful scene. Cats and dogs crawl under the bay window to accompany their owners to read books, or stretch to bask in the sun. You can also have such a vivid picture

tired and tired, it's good to enjoy the scenery outside and have an aerobic breath ~ ~ ~ or put some green potted plants in this mini study to make the whole room full of fresh vitality

colorful books not only enrich the color level, but also "steal" unexpected space. You see other people's scenery is so beautiful, but you are one of the beautiful scenery


San Fano doors and windows

the fully functional bay window design can always bring unexpected surprises to the room. This requires you to choose the right key door and window. San Fano doors and windows adhere to the distinctive characteristics of simple European style, fashionable and modern design concept, and strive to achieve a comfortable ventilation and lighting effect in the design of each door and window, so that your home is closer to nature

with San Fano doors and windows, you can not only read the autumn scenery, not only the scenery of the four seasons, but also feel the various life postures

from the rigorous material selection to the extreme craftsmanship of craftsmanship, San Francisco doors and windows better ensure the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows. At the same time, it also has the advantages of good sound insulation effect, heat preservation performance and sunshade performance, so as to create a high-quality and warm home life for every family





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