How do excellent door and window sales communicate

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Every day, a scene like this is staged in the door and window building materials store: customers stroll casually in the store, and the shopping guide follows casually behind them until they follow the customers out of the door, Then send out a sentence "welcome to next time". In this way, the customer casually left. How can we effectively avoid this problem? What is the sales signing process of excellent door and window stores? Look at what the sales experts do when signing... The essence of sales is to communicate with people!

1. Correct welcome skills

being close to customers means that it is possible to bring yourself opportunities to sell goods. Grasp With the skills of "5-meter attention, 3-meter gaze and 1-meter conversation", when customers are watching (or products of other brands nearby), they begin to pay attention to their trends, cherish the opportunities to chat up with customers and get closer to customers, and "intercept" customers

2. Take the initiative to estimate the scope of purchase

in order to reduce their blind introduction of products to customers, at the same time of introduction, take the initiative to ask customers what type of product they want to buy, how many people at home use it, and tap customer psychology. We must take the initiative to narrow the scope of customers' purchases, help ourselves focus on sales behavior, and avoid the blindness of introduction

3. Help customers choose products

help customers make decisions and bring customers to their own main selling and valuable products. Many customers don't have many opinions when choosing products. It depends on how we guide them

successful salespeople will realize that they are selling the performance and use of products and expressing their wishes to customers

4. Tell the unique selling points of the product

point out the distinctive aspects of the product, for example: grasp the subtle psychology of consumers, emphasize the high-end and fashion of this product, and imply that buying this product represents the grade and taste of consumption

in order to point out the advantages of a certain product, we can appropriately sacrifice the poor quality and outdated products in the neighborhood to foil it. We must grasp the degree that the green leaves set off the red flowers! You can't belittle another one because you want to sell this product

5. Grasp the problems that customers are most concerned about

grasp the sales skills of "people have me, and people have me without me". We must remember to emphasize the differences and advantages between us and others on the issues that customers are most concerned about

6. Let customers feel the product and raise objections

let customers pay attention to the details of quality, actively participate, and find some problems, so as to effectively communicate, analyze in detail, and leave customers a deep impression! Let customers fully participate and gradually interact with customers

7. Sometimes play the role of an expert

analyze products from the perspective of a professional! The key part is to emphasize the differences between the selling points of self and competitive brands, leaving customers with deep thinking and memory. People are the first impression of things that are most likely to generate good feelings. Avoid customers going to competitive brands to belittle the shortcomings of our products. It's better to start first. Even shortcomings should become advantages. Speak out first

8. Don't blindly introduce products, pay attention to customer performance

if you talk about the selling points of products, are customers tired of listening? This depends on the interest and participation of customers. If the customer is still serious and can follow your actions, then continue to state. If the customer is absent-minded and wants to leave, he must quickly change his strategy. For example, take out the customer file register to let customers see our sales volume and the sales volume of this product

9. Don't transfer the target customers

suppose we have a female customer who listens to the product knowledge very attentively when the shopping guide explains the products to male customers. Don't transfer the target at this time, otherwise the previous achievements will be wasted. Just smile at the female customer, and then continue to explain to the original male customer

10. Guide customers to make up their minds to purchase

ask customers how they feel about this product in time, and help them make up their minds if there are any benefits of buying it now. When customers repeatedly care about after-sales problems, gifts and prices, they have basically taken a fancy to the product, but they are still a little worried. At this time, we can directly exchange the answers of whether customers buy or not by means of gift advantages, price concessions, sales emphasis and so on

door and window franchise/door and window agent store owner, nicknamed boss, is actually an employee. He should not only know technology, but also be able to design, negotiate contracts, move goods, calculate accounts, and install clothes. Which of those stores with good performance and sales of millions a year is not doing it himself? Therefore, the entrepreneurial road of window and door franchise/window agency store owners may not be as beautiful as it seems, but it is worth all the hard work to see their own sales performance rising





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