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The inspection robot in Tianyi substation of North China industrial control embedded mainboard accepted the "baking test" in summer.

. In the hot summer, the hot weather is coming rapidly. When people enjoy the cool air in the air-conditioned room, electricity is also experiencing continuous high load test. The safe operation of electrical equipment, reliable power supply and high-quality service in the city are facing severe challenges

the load faced by the electrical system continues to rise, and the workload of patrol, control and detection of the substation also increases, followed by the increase in the demand for manpower. In order to better solve the problems existing in the electrical system in summer, under the intelligent market trend, the steel bar zigzag testing machine can be widely used in companies such as steel metallurgical industry, steel frame, concrete components, construction engineering decoration building materials, construction steel bar production and manufacturing, as well as quality supervision institutions, engineering project quality inspection stations, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other enterprises, intelligent inspection robots are born. This kind of intelligent inspection robot is equipped with infrared and visible light cameras, which can read instrument data, conduct infrared temperature measurement for the equipment and equipment joints of the whole station, discover hidden dangers in advance, and has the function of high-altitude detection. It still works in thunderstorm, gale and other bad weather, greatly reducing the risk of operation and maintenance personnel working in bad environment

substation inspection robot escorts substation safety in summer

in severe environments such as hot summer, the external environmental conditions of the intelligent inspection robot are poor, and it needs to operate stably for a long time in harsh environments. It needs to have strong environmental adaptability. The industrial level embedded computer with high performance has become the only choice in the industry. North China industrial control has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent robot embedded computer hardware for many years, focusing on its application environment and AI intelligent function requirements. A number of embedded computer products independently developed by the company can meet the requirements of patrol robot. The 3.5 industrial board card emb-3531 based on rockchip rk3399 arm architecture is one of the representatives

North China industrial control products are used for substation inspection robot

products have excellent performance and leading technology, and are the first flagship products in North China industrial control industry. They mainly have the following advantages:

5, vibration table (including impact table and collision test table)

1. Based on rockchip rk3399 chip, it adopts dual core cortex-a72 plus quad core cortex-a53

64 bit six core processor, which has excellent performance and can run stably for a long time

for example, the fixtures of Instron, MTS, Zwick and other companies are skillfully made

2 It has excellent industrial grade performance, waterproof and shockproof. It can still operate stably under wide temperature environment and adapt to the harsh working environment of the substation

3. The technological innovation with rich external interfaces, strong external compatibility, high expansibility and high breakthrough in core functions is a very long and variable process integration, which can be transferred perfectly

4. New generation high-end image processor Mali with integrated arm- T860@MP4 GPU, with low power consumption, has strong functional advantages

the investment of intelligent equipment of North China Industrial Control Based on rockchip rk3399 arm architecture 3.5 industrial board card

will provide a stronger guarantee for the safe and stable operation of electric power. Intelligent robots and human production and life have become increasingly inseparable. North China industrial control will closely follow the market demand and focus more on the development and R & D of AI intelligent field. For more product information, please log in to North China industrial control officer

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