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Introduction: on July 22, the 8th China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Expo will be held in Urumqi. As an annual coal industry event in Xinjiang, China Northern communications will make a grand appearance with a variety of high-tech coal machinery products, With the major coal machinery manufacturing enterprises, and the day is also Shenyang North

on July 22, the 8th China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Expo will be held in Urumqi. As an annual coal industry event in Xinjiang, northern communications will make a grand appearance with a number of high-tech coal machinery products to compete with major coal machinery manufacturers. That day is also a happy day for the first anniversary of the establishment of Shenyang Northern communications heavy industry group Xinjiang branch, Northern communications will hold a grand anniversary celebration in Urumqi

during the Expo, North transportation will grandly display many high-tech coal machinery products, such as EBZ160, ebz200e coal heading machine, zdy3500l near horizontal kilometer directional drilling machine, mining lifesaving cabin, etc., and publicize to the exhibition audience that North transportation has only the youth brand and product strength that has made heroic efforts, promote the characteristics and advantages of our company's product technology, quality, performance, service, etc., and enhance the company's brand strength

in recent years, with the great situation of the integration and reorganization of coal resources in Xinjiang and the vigorous development of coal industry, coal chemical industry and coal conversion industry, northern transportation has won a good reputation in the Xinjiang market with its own strong technical advantages and economic strength, created extraordinary achievements, and become a leading brand in the coal machinery manufacturing industry. In 2010, the sales volume of roadheader in northern transportation ranked first in the industry, while the sales volume of roadheader in Xinjiang market ranked first in the industry. At the same time, northern communications has established deep friendship with Xinjiang coal industry administration bureaus, coal industry associations and coal enterprises, and carried out various forms of exchanges and cooperation. Vice chairman of northern communications Mr. fanweiping, President of Shenyang North Heavy Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "The prosperity and development of northern transportation can not be separated from the vigorous situation of Xinjiang's coal industry, nor can it be separated from the long-term support and attention of Xinjiang's coal brothers. In the future, we will continue to maintain cooperation with Xinjiang's coal enterprises. Nike will make efforts to serve the Xinjiang market in many aspects from the product itself, production mode and business operation mode, and jointly create a new form of coal mine safety rescue with Xinjiang's coal brothers."

the exhibition of northern transportation with the latest emergency rescue equipment and the sharing of new rescue technologies and achievements with coal colleagues is a profound friendship between northern transportation and the coal brothers in Xinjiang. On the same day of the exhibition, Xinjiang Coal Administration Bureau will also hold the "2011 Xinjiang coal machinery and rescue equipment development high level forum" with "safety, innovation and efficiency" as the central content. Hundreds of industry experts, coal mine enterprise representatives and coal customers will be invited to conduct extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges on the current situation and development of China's coal mine underground safety rescue equipment and technology, and the application and promotion of coal mine safety rescue equipment. As the keynote speaker of this forum, Mr. fanweiping, vice chairman of northern communications, will give a wonderful and in-depth speech on the two topics of "Research on gas deep hole directional extraction technology and equipment and conduct experiments within 24h" and "Research on the development of coal mine rescue equipment", and discuss and exchange coal mine safety technology experience and achievements with the guests, It is not only the elaborate work of northern transportation for this forum, but also the mission of northern transportation for the construction of China's coal mine underground safety production system

in recent years, the state has attached great importance to the work of coal mine safety, and the promotion and application of underground emergency rescue equipment in China has been put on the important agenda. In response to the call of the state, northern communications has actively established an engineering test center with mining emergency rescue equipment as the core, and has quickly offline a number of high-tech equipment for underground emergency rescue in coal mines. One of the participating equipment - mining detachable lifesaving cabin, It is the high-tech equipment developed by northern transportation for underground emergency avoidance and active self rescue, which has become an important part of the construction requirements of "six systems" in China's coal mines, and has made an important contribution to the underground safety rescue work in China's coal mines. And start the strike experiment from the second data (this article comes from northern Communications)

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