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Ruichuan donated 50000 yuan to pray for peace in China

that is, on May 14, 2008, after Beijing Ruichuan employees launched a group donation to the earthquake stricken areas, Ruichuan company immediately made a decision, and Ruichuan company quickly made a decision to donate to the Red Cross with its employees. As of May 15, Beijing Ruichuan company and all employees raised a total of 50000 yuan for charity. The company hopes to go hand in hand with the donors in the shortest possible time, and do its part to help the people in the disaster area seize life at the first time

in addition, in order to appeal to more compatriots to donate to the disaster areas and contribute to charity, Beijing Ruichuan on the one hand specially made such a public welfare theme in a large space on the company's station. With the help of online advertisements of cooperative media, we are also expressing our concern for the people in the disaster areas. I hope that through these modest efforts, I can pray for the disaster areas, my compatriots, and the warriors of disaster relief

Ruichuan hopes to take advantage of this charity to drive our peers to quickly participate in the action of "unite as one, earthquake relief and improve the measurement resolution by four times"! At the same time, Ruichuan will also continue to pay close attention to the development trend of disaster relief, and consider timely encouraging all, especially the industry, to contribute to the assistance of compatriots in the disaster area in different forms according to the immediate needs of the disaster area

about Ruichuan:

Ruichuan Technology Co., Ltd. (portwell., Inc.) was founded in 1993. In recent years, as an innovative leader in industry-specific equipment platforms and solutions, and a member of the Intel Communications Alliance, Ruichuan technology has maintained a long-term technical partnership with Intel. Ruichuan has a full-time product planning and design department, which can continuously provide dealers, system integration operators, and end users with all kinds of highly integrated system products

over the past 15 years, Ruichuan technology has set up 11 branches around the world, while in Chinese Mainland, Ruichuan technology has successively set up marketing service points in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places since 2003. At present, Ruichuan has thousands of square meters of professional product assembly lines in the mainland, and a sales team of nearly 100 people. It is a supplier of professional products and solutions that can provide various customized services for customers in different regions and fields in the mainland

as a professional leading manufacturer of industrial equipment, Ruichuan technology has a wide and complete product line, which can meet the different needs of customers in telecommunications, medical equipment and industry. This project will greatly enhance the utilization value of titanium concentrate in Panxi region. The main products are single board computer SBC, industrial motherboard, embedded products, industrial chassis By using FMD melt extrusion technology, redundant power supply, quasi system products, ultra-thin LCD computer panel PC, etc

Ruichuan will always provide customers with long-term and stable professional services based on the enterprise spirit of "people-oriented, honesty as the industry, customer-oriented, and peace as the most valuable"

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