Huoshenhua's new technology of remanufacturing gia

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Shenhua's new technology of remanufacturing giant tires fills the gap in this field

recently, the giant tires remanufactured by Shenhua Group have been safely operated for 16700 kilometers with the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou leibangshi chemical building materials Co., Ltd. using mining giant all steel to remanufacture radial engineering tires, the production of giant tire annular pre vulcanization tread, the production method and expansion molding technology in a rational and pragmatic manner, This indicates that the tire retreading and remanufacturing technology of Shenhua mining giant all steel radial project has filled the gap in this field

it is understood that this technology development and design conforms to the formula, process and complete set of technical equipment of mining giant all steel radial engineering tire operation characteristics, and solves the world-wide problems. Giant tires greatly limit the use of ABS materials. Now remanufacture can not only greatly save the operating cost of mining machinery, but also the raw materials soar! Downstream large-scale shutdown! Where is the road? Moreover, it can alleviate the monopoly of foreign tire enterprises and the shortage of tire sources

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