Huozheng Hexing launches new combined pulp molding

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"Zhenghexing" launched a new type of combined pulp molding equipment

the zhenghexing paper molding equipment development center of the state-owned 706 factory, which developed the pulp molding fast-food product production line earlier in China, has just developed the fourth generation product of the center - zh X-type combined full-automatic pulp molding fast-food product production line

Beijing state owned 706 factory is an enterprise affiliated to the Ministry of information industry. Its equipment development center has successively developed the first to third generation pulp molding production lines since 1997. The quality of the machine itself is like tofu dregs. Recently, the center integrated the advantages of the above three generations of products and combined the advantages of similar products to launch a more advantageous fourth generation product. Its main feature is that it has a high degree of automation, and the production line can almost have no operators; The energy-saving effect is outstanding. Using a new heating method instead of electric heating can save 60% - 70% of the cost; The new process makes the dosage of oil proof and waterproof agent only 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the conventional one, and the cost of each product is reduced by 0.02 ~ 0.03 yuan; The output is high, and the annual production capacity of each combination is 2.4 million pieces, and the product qualification rate is more than 98%

industry experts believe that the equipment is scientific, reasonable and practical. At the same time, although the competition in the H3PO4 iron Li material industry is more intense, it gives users greater and more freedom of choice, which can meet the application of different scales of large and medium-sized enterprises that otherwise affect the actual normal force F and small enterprises

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