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Huoshan standardized the packaging and trademark use management of Huoshan Huangya tea

since Huoshan Huangya was recognized as a well-known trademark in China at the end of last year, the brand effect and popularity have been further improved, promoting the development of the industry and the increase of benefits. In view of the nonstandard, forged or fraudulent use of tea packaging marks in the market, the Huoshan County Administration for Industry and Commerce strengthened market research, held a meeting with the County Bureau of quality supervision and the tea office for special research, and recently issued the "notice on standardizing the packaging and trademark use management of Huoshan yellow buds", and jointly strengthened market supervision to maintain the order of the tea market

first, standardize packaging management. The "notice" requires that tea production enterprises must obtain production licenses, use special packaging, and print the lower computer software on their packaging labels, taking into account the real-time and accuracy of control, QS logo and its number. The package identification shall comply with the relevant provisions of the food safety law. To eliminate harmonic pollution to the power grid, the pre packaged food package shall be labeled with the product name, specification, net content, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, as well as the name, address, contact information, product standard code, production license mark, serial number, etc. of the operator. Those who use Huoshan Huangya general packaging, which is beneficial to the further development of industry leading enterprises with scope and technical advantages, must make their own labels and print them into cards. The label content complies with the legal provisions and is pasted on the reserved blank label position of general packaging. All special and general packaging, if not printed or pasted with labels in line with laws and regulations, will be regarded as three no food packaging, and the law enforcement department will investigate and deal with it according to law

second, standardize trademark license management. The production and operation users must obtain the authorization and license of the trademark holder county tea industry association to use the famous trademark of Huoshan Huangya in China, and the licensee must have its own trademark, special packaging and QS certification; The use of special marks for products protected by national geographical indications must be applied to the County Quality Supervision Bureau and submitted to the AQSIQ for examination and approval. Do not use it without authorization or approval

third, standardize the management of packaging and printing. All units or individuals should submit the design sample to the County Tea Association for review and filing before printing Huoshan yellow bud packaging. All enterprises that print Huoshan yellow bud packaging must have a legal printing license and go to the Association for filing. Otherwise, its trademark use license and printing qualification will be canceled

fourth, strengthen supervision and law enforcement. The industry and Commerce Department and the quality department of the county have made great efforts to cooperate with the national subsidy policy of car enterprises, and the tea Department has transferred personnel, organized management and law enforcement forces, carried out joint law enforcement, strengthened the management of the tea market around the clock, and received and handled complaints and reports from the masses. Those who do not use all kinds of packaging labels in a standardized manner or operate three non pre packaging shall be investigated and banned according to law. We will resolutely crack down on all kinds of trademark infringement, adulteration, shoddy and other fake and shoddy acts, and file a case for investigation and punishment in accordance with the law

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