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Huweiwu, chief designer of Loongson: China must develop general-purpose CPU

recently, huweiwu, chief designer of Loongson, wrote an article in the internal Journal of the Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, "innovation 8226; realism", recalling the development history of Loongson. Hu Weiwu said that at present, Godson is facing the most critical battle of "can it be sold", which is also the third battle faced by Godson since its launch. Hu Weiwu said that China must talk about general-purpose CPU, and China also has the ability to develop general-purpose CPU. The article also revealed many little-known stories since the development of Godson and the recent progress of Godson 3

Hu Weiwu said in the text, "should China develop a general-purpose CPU"; "Is China capable of developing general-purpose CPU"; "Can Godson sell or not" is the three problems faced by Godson at the beginning of its research and development. The first two questions have been answered, and the third question is also the most critical battle on the way forward for Godson. During the investigation, he said that in order to help private enterprises overcome this technical topic, our goal in this battle is to make Godson a force that cannot be ignored in the market during the 11th Five Year Plan period and a force that has important influence in the market during the 12th Five Year Plan period

Hu Weiwu believes that with the launch of Walloon core products with a price of USD, it is expected that Godson will be popularized in the low-cost PC market. At the same time, the 4-core Godson 3 power watt and the 16 core Godson 3 power watt will also make Godson popular in the high-end market

when recalling the development history of Godson 1, he sighed that the joy of the successful development of Godson 1 was immediately replaced by the depression of low performance (in fact, Pentium II processor has adopted a three launch instruction level parallel structure, which is naturally higher than that of Godson 1 with a single launch structure. At present, the performance of Godson 1 has been greatly improved through structural optimization). However, in the subsequent development of Godson 2 series processors, Godson adopted the structure of four launch out of sequence execution. The performance of Godson 2B successfully developed in 2003 is three times that of Godson 1, surpassing the performance of Pentium II processors with the same main frequency

Godson 2c, which was successfully developed in 2004, achieved the performance of Pentium III processor by improving the main frequency and optimizing the structure performance, but did not achieve the goal of twice the performance of Pentium III processor with the same main frequency; In addition to using 90nm technology to improve the main frequency, Godson 2E, which was successfully developed in 2005, adopts a dynamic pendulum dynamometer for its force measurement part, and has made great efforts in memory access bandwidth. Its performance is three times that of Godson 2c, reaching the performance of medium and low-grade Pentium IV processor

Hu Weiwu believes that Godson will have a huge market in China in the future, and the question of whether it can be sold will be answered by using the test results

from the launch of Godson 2 in 2005, the authorization of Godson IP, including the authorization of Italian French semiconductor, has achieved economic benefits, and the system based on Godson processor has completed the pilot test and is gradually moving to the market. Godson continues to make breakthroughs in the issue of whether Godson can be sold

according to the article, the mainstream PC processor is USD, while the price of Godson will control USD power consumption watts, which is of practical significance for low income and practical application mainly in the Chinese market of information popularization. Most people think that the performance is between 1GHz Pentium III and 2GHz Pentium IV (the performance of single core Godson 2 is roughly in this range), which is sufficient for most office applications. At present, within this performance range, Godson has obvious advantages in cost and power consumption

huweiwu believes that the design technology of computer processor with dominant frequency first is coming to an end; The ratio of performance to power consumption is becoming the main design index of computers after the ratio of performance to price. The above-mentioned technological transformation provides an opportunity for China to give full play to its late development advantages and find another way to achieve breakthroughs through leapfrog innovation in the next few years

the article also talked about the recent progress of Godson 3. Hu Weiwu revealed that Godson 3 will continue to adhere to the technical route of low cost and low power consumption, and take reducing power consumption and cost as the main design indicators on the basis of ensuring above GHz and moderately increasing the main frequency. Strive for 4-core Godson 3 power consumption watt and 16 core Godson 3 power consumption watt

Hu Weiwu said that Intel and other processor giants have a team of engineers with tens of thousands of people, and it needs to have enough profits to support such a team, forcing Intel to follow the high profit route; At the same time, once engineers' technical habits and organizational methods are formed, they will form a kind of inertia. Intel has other historical baggage

"Godson owns the CPU that can be applied at the price of $20", so we don't need to follow people to play games that are constantly eliminated and upgraded. " He said in the article

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