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Huzhou Consumer Protection Commission reminds consumers: purchase is to test how much pressure an object can bear before it deforms or breaks. "Six precautions" for using air conditioners

as the weather gets hotter, consumers buy and use air conditioners more and more. In order to ensure that consumers can buy satisfactory air conditioners, Huzhou Consumer Protection Commission and Changxing County Consumer Protection Commission remind consumers that there are six precautions for purchasing and using air conditioners to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Recently, Changxing consumer Uncle Zhang went to the county Consumer Protection Committee to report that he bought an air conditioner of a certain brand in the home appliance mall in August 2010. After the after-sales service and door-to-door installation, he found that the air conditioner did not refrigerate until June 2011. Uncle Zhang immediately contacted the store. The store sent after-sales service personnel to repair the air conditioner. After three years of negotiation, the air conditioner failure has not been repaired. In May this year, Uncle Zhang found the store again and asked for an explanation. The store contacted the manufacturer of the air conditioner this time. The manufacturer sent personnel to check with the local special maintenance personnel of the brand, and believed that the air conditioner was blocked by ice and could not be repaired. This time, Uncle Zhang was stunned. Helpless, Uncle Zhang came to the county Consumer Protection Committee on June 16 to ask for help. With the help of the county Consumer Protection Commission, this dispute was successfully resolved. Nowadays, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, consumers buy and use more and more air conditioners. In order to ensure that consumers can buy satisfactory air conditioners, Huzhou Consumer Protection Commission and Changxing County Consumer Protection Commission remind consumers to buy and use air conditioners. Six notes:

first, buy air conditioners with good brand reputation in large household appliance malls. The quality is guaranteed, and the appropriate model and power should be reasonably selected according to the room area and air circulation

second, we should pay attention to avoiding conceptual confusion and blindly pursuing fashion. There are many new products in the air-conditioning market, including photocatalyst, cold catalyst, oxygen bar, anion, nano and other healthy air-conditioning concepts. There is no lack of water in various concepts and functions that manufacturers hype. When shopping, consumers should comprehensively consider the performance price ratio of products, and should not blindly pursue fashion and spend money to buy back a bunch of fancy functions

third, pay attention to the three performance indicators and allow engineers to bypass the two certification marks of expensive and slow production thermosetting materials and heavy machined metal parts. Three performance indicators: first, refrigerating capacity: This is an important basis for consumers to choose air conditioner products. The refrigerating capacity is too small to achieve the predetermined cooling effect; Excessive refrigerating capacity will cause a waste of resources. Second, energy efficiency ratio: refers to the ratio of refrigerating capacity to effective input power when the air conditioner is in refrigeration operation. The size of this value reflects the energy-saving situation of air conditioner products, which continuously improves users' riding experience and enhances environmental benefits. The higher the value of the energy efficiency ratio, the smaller the electric power required to be consumed, and the less the power consumption is. Third, noise: the noise produced by the operation of the air conditioner will seriously affect the lives of consumers if the noise is too large. At present, there are two compulsory certification marks for air-conditioning products: one is the 3C mark, which is issued by the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission; The second is the energy efficiency sign, which contains five levels of energy efficiency ratio, the highest level is level 1, and the fifth level is the lowest. When purchasing air conditioners, consumers should focus on these two signs and not be dominated by other certifications

fourth, pay attention to standard installation and correct use. There are corresponding technical specifications for the installation of air conditioners. Consumers must not choose the installation location or replace the attached accessories for the sake of environmental beautification. In the use of air conditioners, attention should be paid to the regulation of temperature. Usually, when there is less activity such as rest and sleep, the room temperature is about 26 ℃, and the human body feels comfortable

fifth, pay attention to the regular cleaning and inspection of air conditioners. The air inlet of the air conditioner is usually set on the top of the machine. When using the air conditioner, ensure the environment near the air inlet is clean, and regularly clean the indoor machine for filtration, which can effectively improve the dust removal effect of the air conditioner and improve the ambient air quality. At the same time, regular cleaning of the heat sink of the outdoor unit can effectively improve its heat exchange coefficient and heat exchange efficiency, and improve the working efficiency of the air conditioner

sixth, we should understand the national three guarantees to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Air conditioning is a three guarantee commodity stipulated by the state. The three guarantee period of the whole machine is one year, and the three guarantee period of the main components (including compressor, fan motor and thermostat) is three years. If the air conditioner fails in performance within 7 days from the date of receipt, consumers can request full return or replacement. In case of performance failure within 15 days, consumers can ask for depreciation, return or repair. If the air conditioner cannot be used normally after being repaired twice within the three guarantee period, the consumer can return or replace it with the maintenance record. If the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are damaged due to the purchase and use of air-conditioning products, they should provide relevant evidence and complain to the local consumer protection department in a timely manner

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