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In the past, "thousands of Baidu search for her in the public" now provides free family service information consultation for citizens with a batch of guaranteed satisfaction


with the improvement of citizens' living standards, many jobs that need to be done by themselves at home can be found in professional institutions and personnel in society to help "take care of", and the domestic service industry came into being. But many citizens also found that although there are many institutions and personnel engaged in the domestic service industry, it is really not easy to find a more satisfactory one, mainly due to asymmetric information and relatively scattered. Although the popularity of this industry can be described as "the streets are full of domestic institutions and personnel", busy urbanites ultimately choose a satisfactory one, in fact, most of them still rely on "acquaintance introduction" and "word of mouth". What are the "bottlenecks" in the domestic service industry in our city? How to reasonably allocate resources to "maximize" the advantages of this industry? Recently, a field survey was conducted on the development and prospects of the city's family service industry

current situation

find a nanny to break her leg. The service is good or bad by luck

Aunt Liu, a citizen who lives in the mountainous area, talked about her experience of hiring a cleaner, and summed up the helplessness and difficulty with "breaking her leg by luck". Around the Spring Festival last year, there was a shortage of cleaners. She found five domestic service companies before someone was willing to provide door-to-door service. The cleaner worked rough and impatient. Although she was not very satisfied with the cleaner's service, she had to endure it because she didn't have the time and energy to find another Cleaner... This year, she ran to three different domestic service companies in person, and only then selected one of the many cleaners who was hardworking She did things seriously. Later, Aunt Liu pushed the cleaner higher and higher The calculation formula is: ha=100- l/0.025 recommended to the surrounding neighbors

it is learned that there are 2637 family service points in our city, 143000 employees, and more than 700 registered domestic service companies. At the same time, there are some unlicensed small domestic agents in society. Among them, more than half of the domestic service personnel are in the state of "straggling". The demand for family services in our city continues to grow, especially near the holiday. Like Aunt Liu, in the past, when citizens needed family service information, they often went to the housekeeping service company through friends' introductions or in person. It took time and effort not to say, and they could not guarantee to enjoy high-quality services, and sometimes disputes were inevitable. No one tracks the quality of service, and whether the service is good or not depends on the luck of the employer. It is also troublesome for both parties to deal with disputes after they occur

Bi Yijun, director of the consumer service department of the Municipal Commission of service industry, said that in fact, the family service industry covers a wide range of areas, and the well-known employment of nannies and sister-in-law is only a part of the family service industry. Maintenance of water and electricity, home care, legal aid, public resource information, etc. are all part of the family service industry, which are closely related to people's lives

when such a huge market supply meets the growing demand of residents, how to integrate this part of resources and maximize the use of resources for citizens has become a difficult problem. Since 2009, the city has started to establish a family road service center, and successfully opened 96816 service last year. It is the opening of this road that has brought great changes to the lives of citizens


operator feedback: Nanny Yuesao is still popular, and nurseries have become the new favorite of the industry.

after the opening of 96816, while receiving a large number of citizens, family contact call centers and franchise enterprises have mastered a large amount of first-hand information about the industry, becoming a "mirror" of the market and a "microphone" of industry information

a few days ago, Mr. Wang, who lives in Dahua imperial court in Shahekou District, called 96816, hoping to find a nursery teacher for his 1.5-year-old son. Operator Ding Yao said that recently, in their work, they found that nanny and sister-in-law are still popular industries in public demand, which has a lot to do with the "dragon baby" being born together this year. In addition, there are not a few citizens like Mr. Wang who need to hire a nursery teacher. The industry of nursery teachers has gradually become popular in our city. The monthly salary of excellent nursery teachers is between 4000 yuan and 5000 yuan. Because nurseries usually serve children aged 1 to 3, industry insiders expect that with the birth of these "dragon babies" this year, nurseries will continue to be popular for some time in the future

Li Yue, who has two years of experience as an operator, said that in their work, they also found that many citizens have these preferences in choosing service personnel: at the same price, priority should be given to enterprises close to home and with high popularity; Local service personnel and field service personnel prefer local ones; Hourly work is gradually being replaced by monthly service; Choose a nanny who likes to live at home; There are even employers who choose education and appearance, etc

although the orders received from the call center can only account for about 10% of the total orders of the enterprise, Jiang Yanlin, general manager of Dalian good aunt Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd., one of the call center's franchise enterprises, said that through the orders placed by 96816 to the enterprises, they can also timely capture the latest needs of the citizens, organize personnel training to meet the market needs, and better provide services to the citizens


96816 more than 80 orders a day, with a transaction rate of about 20%

"Hello, an old man in my family is paralyzed in bed and wants to find a nurse with moderate price to care..." Hello, my family needs a nanny to take care of the food and daily life of senior three students... "In the home contact call center located in Dalian Aoyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., 12 operators can receive 96816 service calls every day, In addition, there are four operators in four large domestic service companies. Ding Yao, the operator, told the public that after dialing, the consultation information would be entered into the system in real time. The system would select several qualified housekeeping service companies for the public from the participating enterprises according to the needs of the public and the principle of proximity. Then they place orders with the domestic service company, which will contact the citizens. Usually it takes only a few minutes to meet the information needs of citizens

I learned at the service site that at present, more than 300 domestic related enterprises in our city have joined the 96816 platform. If an order is received, who will it be given? There were two domestic service companies, both of which were franchisees, facing each other on the street. The call center sent orders to one of them, and the other quit. Liu Xiaoming, the manager of the operation Department, explained that when the orders were initially distributed, the operators were based on the principle of average. Almost every enterprise could receive the orders. Through the first round of service and based on the feedback of citizens, the center would have a certain understanding of the service level of these enterprises. Whether orders can be received in the future depends on meeting the employer's requirements and the principle of proximity. The call center usually provides three enterprises for citizens to choose, but in order to avoid three enterprises causing trouble to employers at the same time, they will provide one first, and then continue to provide it if they are not satisfied

according to Liu Xiaoming, since the opening of the center, it has received an average of 80 to 100 orders per day. Many people have asked for prices. The transaction rate of orders is about 20% to 30%. In the past year, the turnover of docking orders has reached more than 3 million yuan. At present, the service scope of 96816 includes four districts in the city, high-tech park and Lushunkou District


the reputation assessment scores of imitation stores are low, and industry decision-makers and senior technical experts from all over the world will be eliminated.

large domestic enterprises such as Dalian haoyuesao Family Service Co., Ltd. and Dalian haoauntie household service Co., Ltd. are all members of the call center. There are more than 300 enterprises, basically covering all large-scale formal domestic enterprises in our city, and the scale and service quality are guaranteed to a certain extent. The call center not only has strict access system standards for absorbing enterprises, but also implements satisfaction scoring for enterprises. After each service, the call center will call back the citizens and rate the enterprise according to the satisfaction of the citizens. Enterprises with good reputation and high service quality will naturally get higher scores and easier to get orders, while those with low scores will be phased out


96816 terminals will extend services to communities

Bi Yijun, director of the consumer services division of the Municipal Service Industry Commission, said that in the future, they will continue to promote 96816 services on the one hand, and on the other hand, in order to make family network services truly enter thousands of households, the Municipal Service Industry Commission will also extend services to communities on the basis of the 96816 platform. In addition to calling, by the end of this year, residents of 1100 communities in our city have another way to learn about family service information, which is the establishment of community family network terminals

at present, nine communities, including medical school community and Changli community in Taoyuan Street, Zhongshan District, are installing and debugging the frame structure of community home network service terminals to install sensors, which is reasonable. As soon as early June, residents of the two pilot communities, medical school community and Changli community, will be the first to enjoy the benefits of standardized management. In Taoyuan Street medical school community, a 32 inch display community network service terminal is ready to be hung in the community office. Community residents who know how to contact can query family service information, while the elderly who do not use the query function can press the call key of this terminal to dial 96816 directly and have a video call with the operator

"there are 7 'empty nest' elderly households in building 2, and two need to provide nanny services..." using this network terminal, in addition to the query and connection functions of 96816, Taoyuan Street also innovatively implements community standardized management. Community staff will input thick piles of residents' file information into the machine, and the detailed information of each community resident can be queried at the terminal. Community staff will provide services according to the needs of residents

Donglei, director of Taoyuan sub district office, told that the standardized management did not simply stay in the management of several residents by a community worker, but fully realized the all-round networking office. In the past, there was a "time gap" between residents' needs and services, but with the information provided by the network terminal, they can do the service work ahead. For example, we can form a service team of community residents with special skills according to the information. If the "empty nest" elderly need love and psychological comfort, they will organize volunteers to chat with them

"on March 26, a resident of Building 5 complained about neighborhood disputes, which has been resolved... A resident of Building 5 has questions about the application for affordable housing, which has been handed over to the relevant departments, and there are 3 days left before the completion..." on the terminal template, click the item "go to work", and you can clearly see the acceptance unit, acceptance date, complaint category and event progress of the residents' feedback problems. "In the past, when residents reported a problem, they often didn't know whether it was accepted or not, and how the progress was after acceptance. In the future, they can check the progress on the terminal and supervise it at any time." Dong Lei said. Residents can input the problem into the community family network terminal, and the progress of the event can be seen clearly while waiting to be handled. After the installation of the terminal, the system will also be debugged. During the trial operation of the two communities, if the masses are satisfied, it will be implemented in other communities in succession

For example, polymer materials have quite high elongation

it is understood that by the end of this year, 1100 Dalian family service network center community family service network information intelligence will be installed in more than 400 communities in more than 60 streets in the main urban area of our city

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