Most popular in the United States, PP prices rose

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Market participants have different views on the rise of PP price in the United States in August.

last Thursday, the PP contract price in the United States in August rose by 5 cents/pound as a whole

modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in extruders in developed countries. ICIS valuation shows that last week, small and medium-sized PP buyers in the United States received an offer of injection grade homopolymer PP of cents/pound (1,, 830 dollars/ton, 1,, 372 euros/ton)

it is reported that the increase in PP price for electrical installation this time is mainly due to the higher contract price of propylene monomer. Affected by the monthly market quotation of

pgp, the contract price of propylene in the United States in August last week rose by 5 cents to 70 cents/pound

many market participants said that the increase of 5 cents/pound was somewhat unexpected. Earlier, they expected that the increase of PP contract price in August would hover between cents/pound

although generally speaking, the price rise is definitely good news for producers, this time PP producers do not think so. They are worried that the sharp rise in prices will lead to the basic principle of the real gold plate is that the PP market needs 2 The liquidation of material management must be completely weakened. A local producer said that once the PP price breaks through 80 cents/pound, trading activities are likely to stop at this point. At that time, they will be forced to reduce their quotation. This will also seriously damage their profit space

however, some traders hold opposite opinions. They believe that with the arrival of the shutdown and overhaul period of some production units, PP prices are expected to rise further

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