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Looking at "broadband China" at the information and Communication Exhibition, ctiforum news on March 29 (Yang Jialin): 2012 is the year for the full implementation of the key tasks of the 12th Five Year Plan. The Ministry of industry and information technology will promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of the communication industry on the basis of maintaining steady and rapid growth, and the deep integration of the two modernizations of services, actively encourage industry innovation, and support the development of new technologies, new businesses, and new formats, We will give further play to the important role of the communications industry in economic and social development

influenced and driven by the vigorous development of Internet, the communication industry has shown a trend of great change and integration. The rapid development of new technologies or dust plugs and new businesses has spawned a variety of new business forms. The boundaries between different technologies and businesses are becoming increasingly blurred. The service targets of the communication industry are wider and the types of services are more, which will affect the service life, stronger service capacity, traditional Single information transmission services have begun to accelerate the transformation to integrated information services. At present, China has 970million mobile users, 280million fixed users, more than 400million people and 280million Weibo users. Broadband has become an important infrastructure in the information society, and its role in stimulating economic development, promoting information sharing, and changing the way of production and life has become increasingly prominent. At present, the most important thing in the construction of network infrastructure is the construction of broadband network. With the development and expansion of the application of interconnected technologies such as spots, wrinkles, bubbles and adhesions, and with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in addition to material needs, diverse cultural life needs are also increasing. These factors have put forward new and higher requirements for China's broadband construction. Ericsson predicts that every 10% increase in global broadband penetration will increase GDP by 1%, and for China, it will drive GDP growth by 2.5%. IBM predicts that the investment of 50billion yuan in broadband construction in China will increase 840000 jobs. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, also pointed out that it is of great significance to strengthen the construction of network infrastructure and promote the three integration. The Ministry of industry and information technology plans to accelerate the development of broadband in five years, so as to continuously improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, with 20 trillion households in cities and 4 trillion households in rural areas. We will continue to vigorously emphasize the implementation of the national strategy of "broadband China", accelerate the development of 3G and optical broadband networks, and expand coverage. We will implement the broadband speed-up project with the goal of increasing speed, popularizing it, benefiting people's livelihood and reducing prices

in addition to the three major operators, including China Putian, Datang Telecom Group, Fiberhome technology, ZTE, Huawei, Shanghai Bell, risconda, Hengtong, Zhongli and other large enterprises actively respond to the national "broadband China" strategy and deploy product research and development and promotion. These key enterprises in the industry will shine brightly at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition held in September this year. I wish the 2012 China International Information and Communication Exhibition a success! CTI Forum Report

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