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Whether digital technology can improve the competitiveness of gravure printing in the printing market II

the meaning of machine adjustment preparation

our definition of machine adjustment preparation includes changing 6 ink colors, changing 6 rollers, changing printing materials, and realizing over version alignment and positioning when the total waste is less than 300 meters, all of which will be completed in 50 minutes. Most of the machines we usually contact are one meter wide printers (39 inches), so we think that for printers with a width of 26 or 32 inches (660-820mm), the preparation for machine adjustment can be shortened to less than 50 minutes

we believe that the following chart shows the standard adjustment preparation time value of the gravure press. It should be pointed out that these adjustment equipment time values come from a company that undertakes printing multi-layer sterile packaging products, and the printed live parts have certain processing difficulties. It is worth mentioning that the world's second largest aseptic packaging company has six printing plants equipped with gravure presses, all of which are undertaking short version printing of live parts

full servo driven gravure printing technology

comparison table of machine adjustment preparation time


change specification

change ink

change substrate

color matching registration

sheet fed offset printing machine web offset printing machine flexographic printing machine gravure printing machine

70-90 60-70 60-70 50

minutes minutes minutes minutes

fully digital driven gravure printing technology

when using digital drive technology, Each printing drum is independently driven by an AC servo motor that generates 92000 pulses per revolution. In other words, the shaftless drive technology is adopted, and there is no need to configure the axial registration adjustment roll, because the adjustment device of the printing cylinder directly performs the registration adjustment. This can shorten the length of the substrate stretched into the machine and reduce the waste caused by the start-up time of the machine

digital drive technology can quickly adapt to overprint control, because the gearbox is no longer used, and there is no need to accelerate the control of the gearbox. More importantly, the backlash is set on the mobile panel, and the registration data can be input through the stepping motor. The side registration and positioning is generally controlled by the overprint control device

in order to avoid the adverse effect of the movement of the doctor blade on the printed text, the doctor blade is also driven by a linear motor alone - this motor can not only control the vibration, but also independently adjust the starting parameters in the production process (such as the change rate of the starting linear value and the starting cycle, depending on the requirements)

it often misleads the evaluation of the carton supplier or causes the collapse of the carton packaging to cause losses. The dryer installed on the top of the printing device is of special significance for printing registration. If almost 100% of water-based inks are used, it is extremely suitable to configure a direct gas combustion system, because it not only has the advantage of rapid response, but also is very economical and low energy consumption. The main feature is that the drying time is short. As long as you press the key, you can get enough heat after a few seconds

as for the imprint roll system, we have achieved the goal of optimizing the combination by adding a supporting imprint roll to the impact star combination. This imprinting roller system can obtain a very small diameter when printing with a very thin substrate. All three imprinting rollers are installed on suspension bearings and can be replaced when the machine is running

with this combined arrangement of star shaped imprinting rollers, we installed three rubber imprinting rollers that are imprinted at different times, thus speeding up the process of machine adjustment and equipment for the next moving substrate. The whole imprint roll system moves up and down through the hydraulic device. Such an imprint roll system can also be equipped with an electrostatic auxiliary ink transfer device

in terms of folding carton processing, our ring stiffness testing machine fully meets the requirements of gb21238 (2) 007 "glass fiber reinforced plastic sanding pipe" gb/t9647 (2) 003 "determination of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipe". There are also several optional configurations, such as rewinding, rotary cutting, flat cutting or variable cutting. All these configurations use 100% servo drive technology. In terms of cutting cartons or labels, we provide customers with customized code stacking machines with a processing speed of 1000 inches per minute

another quick conversion function of short version live parts is embodied in the rotary paper cutter developed by our company. This paper cutter is equipped with a box type paper stacking device, which can change the cutting shape and size within 0 minutes after storing 99 sets of test data. The starting time is very short and the waste is very small. This product has the outstanding advantages of short charging time and large battery capacity


all the above technical features can enable today's gravure machine users to obtain many benefits, such as fast moving parts conversion speed, high starting alignment and positioning accuracy, minimal waste, easy operation, easy to control the tension of web paper, and also without losing some traditional advantages of gravure printing, such as 360 degree non neutral printing, first-class color printing, the use of gold and silver powder ink and special paint, etc. In this way, gravure printers can compete with their rivals in the field of short version printing

sustainable development is indispensable for the stable growth of rotogravure printing market. First of all, we should solve the supply problem of low-cost gravure cylinder as soon as possible to ensure rapid delivery. Secondly, the design manufacturer should provide gravure printing equipment that highlights the characteristics of new packaging, consider the whole process of product processing, and provide new technology with added value for gravure printers who are bent on obtaining competitive advantages of short version printing

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