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2011 four key words of building materials industry

2011 four key words of building materials industry

January 12, 2012

[China paint information] the bell of 2012 has sounded. Looking back on the past 2011, what impressive policies and policies did the building materials industry have? We use one keyword after another to copy these moments, so as to witness the development of building materials industry

keyword 1 building materials to the countryside

after "home appliances to the countryside" and "cars to the countryside", building materials to the countryside has become one of the hot topics in the industry in 2011. In January, 2011, the central government pointed out in Document No. 1 that effective measures should be taken to promote "building materials to the countryside". Faced with a big cake of 500 billion yuan, many building materials enterprises can't wait to catch up with this express, but the introduction of policies is long overdue. In early October, 2011, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of Finance and other six ministries and commissions issued an official notice on building materials to the countryside. Industry insiders estimate that the demand for "building materials to the countryside" will be three times that of cars and motorcycles. Many building materials enterprises said that in the past, they were mainly export-oriented. Now, under the guidance of the state's vigorous promotion of domestic demand, they are ready to expand to domestic including rural areas

however, the only category included in the first batch of pilot projects of building materials to the countryside is cement, and floors, wooden doors, coatings, ceramics and sanitary ware related to home decoration failed to catch the first bus of "building materials to the countryside"

comments: although "home appliances to the countryside" and "cars to the countryside" have accumulated a lot of experience for "building materials to the countryside", after all, building a house is different from buying home appliances, and the investment is huge at one time; Moreover, there are thousands of varieties of building materials, most of which are in bulk, and the implementation difficulty is much more difficult than that of home appliances to the countryside

keyword 2 anti dumping

in March 2011, the EU anti-dumping investigation on Chinese ceramics, known as the "largest in history", made a preliminary determination: none of the Chinese ceramic enterprises has obtained market economy status, and 1500 Chinese ceramic enterprises have been imposed temporary punitive tariffs of up to 73%, and the final determination results will be announced six months later. In September, 2011, the EU made a final anti-dumping ruling on Chinese ceramic tiles, and will impose a punitive tariff of up to 69.7% on Chinese ceramic tiles exported to the EU until 2016. According to the statistics of China's non foaming customs, at present, the EU has become the third largest export region of Chinese ceramic tiles, accounting for 8% - 9.5% of China's total export volume of ceramic tiles and 10% - 12% of the total export value

comments: the EU ceramic market is closing the door to "made in China", and the export of Chinese ceramic tiles will suffer a serious blow. The high tax rate of EU anti-dumping will make ceramic enterprises lose the big market of EU, which will cause huge losses to the export of ceramic enterprises. Although ceramic enterprises can solve the problem of high tax rate by working in peripheral factories or cooperating with foreign manufacturers, this will also have a huge impact on the ceramic industry

keyword 3 is therefore widely used in 1. The price rise of plates with low requirements for material performance is a fact that consumers are unwilling to face, but the wave of price rise still affects the home building materials industry, and the price rise of various plate manufacturers is heard all the time. At the beginning of the year, the best measure of Jilin Forest Industry showed that Lushuihe plate was the first to increase the price. Subsequently, egger, odesen and other plates also joined the price increase camp one after another. The price rise does not seem to have eased at present: on the one hand, tariffs have been raised and deforestation has been reduced, resulting in a downward trend in foreign timber supply; On the other hand, the domestic real estate, wooden doors, flooring and paper industry are still growing at a rate of 20%, and there is a strong demand for wood. According to industry insiders, timber imports from North America rose by at least 30% in 2011

however, according to the results of a survey, consumers' acceptance of the increase in plate prices does not exceed 10%. It is necessary to launch emergency strategies to absorb the cost of price increase internally for the enterprises using boards that have suffered from double-sided attack, such as furniture, cabinets, floors, etc

comments: since the beginning of 2011, signals about the global shortage of wood resources have been sent continuously, and the price rise of imported wood has long been no longer. Timber from Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia is China's main source of import. Due to the reduction of resources, national policies, exchange rates, rising transportation costs and other factors, the price is not the same as that of the previous two years. The rise in the price of plates will accelerate the reshuffle of the household industry, and the market competition will be more intense

keyword 4 building materials purchase

online shopping has become an indispensable shopping method for many people, and e-commerce has become the trend of the times. Well known building materials brands such as holy elephant flooring, Dongpeng tiles, Toto sanitary ware have launched their own official flagship stores in the network, and carried out strong publicity through their own official stations. Some brands have also cooperated with large shopping malls and merged into the torrent of online sales. Comprehensive home e-commerce platforms such as Jiabao, aijuzhe and jutailong are constantly emerging, and even Taobao can't help it. On November 4, 2011, Zhang Yong, CFO of Taobao, announced in Foshan, Guangdong that Taobao's vertical e-commerce platform, home decoration hall, was officially launched

it is really nerve racking to rush between major building materials markets. More and more new decorators choose to buy building materials on the Internet. The advantages are obvious: cheap, labor-saving and rich varieties. However, unlike clothing and department stores, the disadvantages of building materials stores are more prominent, such as the high freight of ceramic tiles; It is troublesome to repair and return bricks; The lighting is easy to be damaged; Wooden floors and sanitary ware are large in volume and do not cover installation, etc

the spring testing machine is made into comments according to the skill requirements regulated by the skill conditions of the spring tension and compression testing machine: home building materials are different from other commodities, large in volume and easy to be damaged. With the participation of a third-party transportation company, disputes are more likely to occur. Once a dispute occurs, the road of safeguarding consumers' rights is fraught with difficulties. Therefore, when consumers choose to buy building materials, they must make full preparations for investigation in advance, choose official flagship stores with guaranteed brands, and try to avoid disputes in the future

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