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Cohen kitchen appliances has been stationed in Pingshan, Hebei Province for more than three years. It is committed to high-quality products and services, constantly creating a marketing model, and increasing brand promotion. With the efforts of Wang Huigang, a dealer of Cohen Pingshan, Cohen has established a certain market position in Pingshan market. As a potential kitchen electricity development market in Hebei, Pingshan is constantly "conquering" this market with the strongest momentum

during the interview, Mr. Wang said that he had been engaged in the home decoration industry before joining Cohen kitchen appliances. When he returned to the local kitchen appliances business, he conducted a long-term investigation of the entire kitchen appliances industry. He made a comprehensive comparison between Cohen and several kitchen appliances brands in terms of their product advantages and disadvantages and the company's comprehensive strength. After a series of inspections, he finally decided to join Cohen. Mr. Wang said that the marketing, product structure and supporting facilities of Cohen appliances moved him to a great extent, attracted him, and made him finally choose Cohen. After a careful market investigation, President Wang carefully decided to choose Cohen. It can be seen that Cohen has obvious advantages in both products and brands

since joining Cohen brand for more than three years, President Wang is full of confidence in Cohen brand. He said that Cohen has the most critical mature market environment in the process of brand promotion, product supporting sales and operation. In addition, when it comes to brand and product promotion, President Wang also has unique views. He believes that regular in store promotions, community activities and participation in home alliance activities can not only enhance the local influence of Cohen brand, but also allow more consumers to experience the relaxed cooking life brought by Cohen's full range of kitchen and electrical products. In terms of brand promotion in the future, on the basis of grasping the general direction of brand promotion, President Wang said that he would also pay more attention to the needs of customers in terms of details and strive to achieve excellence

in addition to the strong support of Cohen headquarters, the smooth development of Hebei Pingshan area of Cohen kitchen appliances can not be separated from the efforts of President Wang and the team. Through shaping the brand image, strengthening brand promotion and expanding channel management, we have gradually achieved the current achievements. President Wang's way of doing things is the key to success. In the future, President Wang said: we will continue to keep up with the pace of Cohen brand marketing, strive to move forward, and work together to create a better tomorrow





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