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On May 10, at the basement of Dalian Malan Red Star Macalline West Hall, the international brand bell flooring joined hands with 15 first-line home decoration building materials brands such as Zhibang cabinet and Gauss bathroom to form a "gold medal alliance" to give thanks and give back to the whole city

Mother's Day is approaching, and many people begin to think hard about giving gifts to their mother, mother-in-law or mother-in-law. "Every mother's day, I worry about giving gifts. I'm afraid that it's inappropriate for my mother to send clothes, shoes, flowers, and red envelopes directly. On May 10, at the basement of the West Hall of Dalian Malan Red Star Macalline, the international brand bell flooring joined hands with 15 first-line home decoration building materials brands, such as Zhibang cabinets and Gauss sanitary ware, to form a" gold medal alliance "to thank and give back to the whole city

before May 10, never take action easily. On the day of the event, bell flooring comprehensively launched a new green and environmentally friendly anion Apple floor, which can continuously release anion and eliminate formaldehyde. Fifteen member brands of the "gold medal alliance" are promoted across the board. At the event site, you can enjoy a continuous purchase gift, including one oven for three orders, one oven for five orders and one ironing machine for each, one 32 inch LCD TV for eight orders, one refrigerator for ten orders, and one iphone5s for fourteen orders, Customers who sign on the spot can draw alliance awards, and each company can receive a lottery ticket

according to Mr. caoguoqiang, head of Dalian bell flooring, the "gold medal alliance" has been established in the Dalian market for more than three years. The member brand has been serving every consumer with the business philosophy of integrity. In the three years, it has received more than 29000 customers, which has been highly praised by consumers in the Dalian market. At the dawn of mother's day, the "gold medal alliance" proposed to launch the "Thanksgiving mother's Day" activity, Join hands with red star Macalline to establish the "Red Star Macalline · gold medal alliance love fund", and sincerely invite consumers to actively sign up and participate. It is scheduled to bring consumers into Xianghe nursing home on Mother's day on May 11. For each order of consumers in this event, the "gold medal Alliance" will donate 50 yuan in cash to the nursing home as a consumer

in this event, the new environmentally friendly flooring product brought by Bell flooring - negative ion Apple flooring will also be the biggest highlight. In 2014, the third "apple" that changed the world came out. Bell flooring, the world's leading wood flooring manufacturer, with its brand-new anion Apple flooring, directly attacks the indoor air quality problems people are facing today and is committed to improving the global human settlements. Bell anion Apple floor is a new type of floor that can continuously release negative ions by itself and remove a variety of common harmful gases, including formaldehyde, so as to purify the indoor environment

bell flooring, as a leading wood flooring manufacturer in the world, adheres to the brand concept of "better life", makes continuous innovation in the field of environmental protection, and is committed to creating a healthy home living environment for people. Looking forward to the future, bell will adhere to the business philosophy of "taking market demand as the guide, taking professional marketing as the foundation, taking honest service as the guarantee, and jointly building professional brands", continue to provide satisfactory products and services for global consumers, and spare no effort to promote the continuous improvement of the popularity and reputation of the "BBL bell" brand. Bell is committed to realizing the leapfrog development of the company and elaborately building a world-class decorative materials group





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