The fuzzy control system of the best match oiler

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Fuzzy control system of diesel engine

1 fuzzy control method of diesel engine

for the complex system of diesel engine, it is very difficult to establish a more scientific, reasonable and accurate mathematical model. When studying the speed regulation control of diesel engine, although the model can be obtained through measurement, the following information can be understood in detail, but it is difficult to master the control accuracy of multivariable nonlinear changes

fuzzy control technology is completed only based on the practical experience and intuitive inference of operators, as well as the knowledge reserve and experience accumulation of designers and R & D personnel, so it has strong adaptability and subjectivity. That is to say, the adjustment fuzzy control method of diesel engine does not need to add the requirements of compliance statement and identification label to establish an accurate mathematical model, but only needs to establish a self-adjusting fuzzy controller with steel ruler to measure the length of correction factors and quantification factors on the conventional fuzzy controller. This correction algorithm can intelligently analyze and identify the output state of the system, Thus, the diesel engine whose speed control system

of the quantification factor and proportion

2 diesel engine is taken as the controlled object dynamically and independently should consider its delay. After linearization, it can be approximated as a first-order or second-order system. The actuator of fuzzy control system of diesel engine usually adopts electromagnetic actuator, which can be regarded as a proportional link. The two links of diesel engine and actuator should be determined for a known control system. The fuzzy controller can automatically adjust the fuzzy control rules in the running state of the diesel engine, so that the diesel engine can still be effectively controlled in the case of significant changes in operating conditions. The speed control system of the diesel engine shall be as shown in Figure L

if you want to accurately control the fuel injection quantity of the diesel engine at a certain speed, you can consider adding a stepping motor at the fuel supply Latin pore structure rod, as shown in Figure 2

the control unit controls the stepping motor. When the reverse current passes, the displacement of the oil supply rod will decrease, and when the forward current passes, the displacement of the oil supply rod will increase. The control unit can calculate the basic fuel injection quantity of the diesel engine by receiving the speed sensor signal installed on the engine output shaft and the displacement sensor signal installed on the fuel supply rod. If a certain -b, -j- section during the operation of the diesel engine is set to run at a constant speed, the diesel engine should run at a constant speed at this speed. However, if the speed of the diesel engine changes due to external interference, the control unit will control the work of the stepping motor, so as to change the position of the fuel supply rod and adjust the speed to reach the set value

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