The gap between China and foreign food packaging m

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The gap between China and foreign food packaging machinery products

China's food and packaging machinery has made remarkable achievements in recent years, but the gap between China and foreign products is still 20 years. Mainly manifested in:

1 The product variety and supporting quantity are few. Up to 2000, there were 2000 kinds of food machinery in China, but less than 1700 kinds of packaging machinery. The number of foreign countries was 3000 kinds of food machinery and 2300 kinds of packaging machinery. In China, most of them are single machines, while in foreign countries, there are many supporting production. Very few single machines are mixed for 3 minutes and then cut into 3-jiao bags for standby sales. Therefore, the varieties can not meet the needs of domestic food and packaging enterprises, while the single machine sales of machinery manufacturing plants make the enterprise's profits thin, unable to achieve the high profits of the sale of complete sets of equipment

2. Low technical level: mainly reflected in poor control technology and product reliability, and slow technical update. The promotion of new technologies, processes and materials is narrow. At present, only 5% of China's mechanical equipment has reached the level of foreign developed countries in the 1990s. The high activity of 20% of the machinery reached the level of PA66 to 80s, and 60% of the machinery reached the level of 70s abroad. Specific figures show that the domestic machinery is backward

3. Poor product quality: Generally speaking, the equipment has low productivity, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability. Backward modeling, rough appearance, and low service life of basic parts and accessories

compared with the level of foreign developed countries, because our food products, namely HRA, HRB, HRC and packaging machinery, have these shortcomings, China's large food enterprises adopt the method of importing production lines from abroad, with an annual import volume of US $billion, of which the canning machine is the largest

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