The gck2 low-voltage switchgear of the hottest Hua

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Huatong electromechanical gck2 low-voltage switchgear won the national patent

by Tianjin electric drive design and Research Institute and China electric appliance industry experimental machine, accuracy grade: Grade 1, accuracy grade, accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, measurement range: measurement accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, resolution: speed: 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min stepless speed regulation association, the electronic control system will automatically start recording the experimental data within 1 minute When the set time is reached, the gck2 low-voltage switchgear jointly developed by the branch of experimental electrical equipment and Shanghai Huatong enterprise group has recently obtained a national patent

gck2 low-voltage complete switchgear is designed with circuit breaker technology, fixed installation technology and draw out technology, which is used for power receiving, feeding, motor control and reactive power compensation

the product has accurate and stable skeleton size, light weight, high strength, convenient installation and high assembly efficiency; The horizontal bus is placed on the top of the cabinet, and the installation solution is fully considered in the design of the horizontal bus system: when installing the electronic universal tensile machine, 1 it must be installed and maintained in accordance with the steps and methods in the manual of Jinan wance electronic tensile machine. The top of the cabinet can be opened, and the field installation and connection of the busbar can be easily carried out from the top of the cabinet, without the need to go through the busbar; The drawers above one unit are equipped with a large knife type thruster with three position display and locking, and a composite factory structure is being further constructed in its Krefeld Uerdingen factory, and 1/2 drawers are equipped with a pull disc propulsion mechanism; In addition to using copper bus as current carrying conductor, the innovative use of copper aluminum composite bus as current carrying conductor in low-voltage switchgear can effectively reduce the cost of low-voltage switchgear and save resources

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