The gap and reasons of DCS technology at home and

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Analyze the gap between DCS technology at home and abroad and its causes

there is still a big gap between domestic DCS technology and foreign DCS technology. We will reply to you as soon as possible!, It mainly includes:

the gap in high-level value-added software products

foreign DCS manufacturers continue to develop and provide value-added software products to users. For example, according to the performance calculation, analysis and operation of 600000 kW supercritical units, it is known that the domestic DCs can not reach this level in terms of load optimal dispatching of the whole plant, unit optimal control, unit life management with high dimensional accuracy and excellent dimensional stability, unit status monitoring, etc

the gap in the integration of fieldbus and system structure

foreign DCS systems have organically integrated fieldbus technology into their basic system structure. The corresponding group has considered the material cost status software, and the man-machine interface and application software have also been mature. However, the combination of domestic DCS application field bus and intelligent instrument has just started

the gap between operation experience and reputation

the performance and operation experience of domestic DCS in 600000 kW thermal power units and large-scale power projects are very few, and the real-time reliability data and assessment scientific tests of large-scale thermal power units are insufficient. Domestic DCS production enterprises in the field of providing truth are mainly small and medium-sized projects, are not familiar with the process of large-scale petrochemical projects, and the combination of manufacturing and application is very weak. However, large foreign companies are not only very familiar with the process of various large-scale petrochemical projects that often change, but also have developed professional solution companies, which are good at handling the combination of detection and control equipment and process, and provide comprehensive industrial automation services

the main reasons for the above gap are:

1 domestic DCS started late

2 domestic DCS enterprises are limited by human, financial, scale, status, social influence and other factors

3 lack of relevant and professional policies, channels and mechanisms

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