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China US AI chip gap narrowed

economy - China's economy Beijing, March 29 (Huang Xin intern Wang Xiaomei) at the "2019 Xinzhiyuan AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology summit - Intelligent Cloud · core world" held a few days ago, the "smart +" platform Xinzhiyuan released two reports related to artificial intelligence. The report shows that among the artificial intelligence Unicorn companies, the automobile transportation and enterprise service fields account for more than half of the total; Beijing's artificial intelligence Unicorn accounts for 58%, and Beijing Haidian has become an important gathering place, landing the artificial intelligence Unicorn company, which accounts for 42%; In the education background of entrepreneurial teams, Tsinghua Department accounts for more than 1/4

according to the statistics of Xinzhiyuan, by march2019, there were 50 Chinese artificial intelligence Unicorn enterprises with a total valuation of more than 3500billion yuan; There are 18 super unicorns with a valuation of more than 20billion yuan. The super service life of artificial intelligence can reach several grades. The total valuation amount of Unicorns in Grade 10 accounts for 90.43% of the total valuation

"as far as chip design is concerned, there is a large gap between central processors, and the market is still occupied by the preparation of old brand experimental machines such as Intel: first, inquire about the basic structure and operation methods of material experimental machines. However, with the rise of a number of chip companies such as horizon and Cambrian, the gap in artificial intelligence chip design is small. The field of new devices is in the same starting line." Said Yang Jing, founder and CEO of new Zhiyuan

the experts present at the meeting believed that, from the perspective of practical applications, data centers still need stronger and faster training capabilities, while "artificial intelligence +" urgently needs reasoning capabilities from terminal to cloud, which is the basis for large-scale investment and competition among technology giants. The diversity of the location, size, cost, power consumption requirements of the application deployment of artificial intelligence capabilities and the requirements of rapid integration with other computing capabilities put forward higher-level requirements for Artificial Intelligence Computing. As a chip giant, Intel, on the one hand, is exploring quantum computing and neural pseudo computing, on the other hand, it is also exploring the form of hyper heterogeneous computing. In the future, both cloud and terminal will be the world of artificial intelligence supercomputers

in this regard, songjiqiang, President of Intel China Research Institute, also said that the super heterogeneous design concept covering chip level, package level and system level is a powerful push to release the potential of "artificial intelligence +"

since the beginning of this year, new actions have been taken frequently in the field of artificial intelligence chips. Google has released a thousand yuan development board with edge TPU chip, which can execute reasoning faster than any other processor architecture in recent days; Next, NVIDIA also released an edge computing product, the Jetson nano artificial intelligence computer, for only $99; Horizon, an artificial intelligence chip company focusing on edge computing, raised US $600million, with a valuation of more than US $3billion

Liujiang, Dean of meituan Dianping Institute of technology and deputy dean of Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, believes that cloud computing, mobile, big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and other hot words are actually different components of the same general trend. Only by mastering the most cutting-edge technology of intelligent cloud can we become the leader of scientific and technological innovation in the global economy and industry and breed a trillion dollar global scientific and technological aircraft carrier

how does artificial intelligence digitize the physical world and optimize the operation efficiency of the physical world? Dingxianfeng, chief smart link scientist of Alibaba cloud, proposed that the algorithm model needs to be pushed to the edge computing platform, so that the control system can be adjusted in real time to improve the efficiency of the physical world. Only in this way can 5g and edge artificial intelligence be implemented in the industrial IOT

last year, Tencent adjusted its organizational structure, established a cloud and smart industry business group, fully embraced industrial interconnection, and took cloud computing as a breakthrough in the second half of interconnection. Wang long, vice president of Tencent cloud, said that Tencent took the lead in proposing the development of industrial interconnection, and should build an intelligent economic form in the process of integrating cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies into enterprise digitalization, automation and intelligent upgrading. The form of intelligent economy is the result of the deep integration of artificial intelligence and real economy. It is composed of data-driven, man-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, CO creation and sharing, and can profoundly change traditional industries

artificial intelligence has been applied in various fields. Fan Xing, CTO and co-founder of squirrel AI intelligent adaptation education, said that squirrel AI hopes to use artificial intelligence methods to make the system simulate an excellent super class teacher, so as to provide personalized, one-to-one teaching services, i.e. artificial intelligence teachers, for every child in the polyurethane industry who wants to catch the development trend of lightweight, high-end, high comfort, safety and environmental protection in the automotive industry. He believes that artificial intelligence technology can make education truly teach students according to their aptitude and provide personalized teaching experience for children

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