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Southwest Futures: the sharp increase in gasoline inventory led to a sharp drop in crude oil prices

yesterday's US EIA data showed that gasoline inventory rose last week, and the market became increasingly worried about demand. Therefore, US crude oil futures closed sharply lower on Wednesday. NYMEX crude oil futures in December ended down US $5.23 to US $65.30, down 7.42%, and the intraday trading range was 65 $46. Affected by overnight trading, Shanghai fuel oil opened lower, with a decline of 3.47% as of noon

eia announced that the gasoline inventory in the United States increased by 1.1 million barrels to 196.1 million barrels last week. The previous market forecast was to reduce 800000 barrels, which greatly exceeded the forecast. At the end of this week, the United States will release the non-agricultural employment data for October. At present, the forecast value is reduced by 170000 people, and last month it was reduced by 1. It is 59000 people who test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. If the current data is the same as or worse than the forecast, the market will lose confidence that the future demand for crude oil can be further developed by relying on methyl methacrylate. This week, domestic fuel prices are basically volatile. We suggest investors to wait and see and patiently wait for better admission opportunities

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