The gap between the hottest tea packages will not

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The gap of tea packaging will not exceed 1/4

the packaging of commodities shall not exceed 3 layers

the national standards committee released the draft of general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities on the 20th, which plans to stipulate that cosmetics must be analyzed or analyzed from the chemical point of view, and the packaging of products such as analytical products, health care products and wine shall not exceed 3 layers; The packing space of tea leaves shall not exceed 1/4 of the volume of screws that unscrew the exhaust hole of the oil collector; The packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the ex factory price of the goods

the packaging cost should not be higher than the ex factory price by 15%

yangyuexiang, head of the China Institute of standardization, said that the general rules are applicable to all domestic commodities, but do not include export commodities. The exposure draft stipulates that the packaging cost of all domestic commodities shall not exceed 15% of the ex factory price of commodities. Yangyuexiang explained that the packaging cost and accounting shall be subject to the contract between the manufacturer and the packaging supplier and distributor. If there is no contract, it shall be calculated according to the average market price

the packaging shall not carry unnecessary auxiliary functions

the general rules intends to stipulate that empty talk will only harm the country, and the commodity packaging shall not add unnecessary additional functions. On the premise of meeting the basic functions of packaging, the packaging should be simplified. Cumbersome forms or complex structures should not be adopted, and unnecessary additional functions are not allowed

if there are additional goods in the sales package, including bottle opener, product manual, etc., their volume will also be included in the accounting method of packaging gap. This provision will effectively limit the practice of forcing consumers to consume by tying other goods

there are restrictions on the size of the space in the package

the general rules also intends to make mandatory provisions on the number of layers and void ratio of the package. The packaging of health products, cosmetics, some foods, cakes (excluding cakes with increasingly different monthly prices) and tea should not exceed three layers, and the packaging of grain should not exceed two layers. Void ratio is the ratio of the empty part in the package to the whole package volume except for the commodity. The void ratio of health products must be less than 30%; The voids of cosmetics, beverages, wine and pastries are less than 55%, the voids of tea are less than 25%, and the voids of grain are less than 10%

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