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The sensor market values intelligence and has a good prospect. Sensors have been more and more used in various electronic products, and the market demand will be further expanded. Especially with the development of energy conservation and emission reduction industry strongly supported by a variety of favorable national policies, the sensor market is about to enter a stage of rapid development. In this extremely favorable situation, the sensor market prospect of our country

sensors have been more and more applied to various electronic products, and the market demand will further expand. Especially with the development of energy conservation and emission reduction industry strongly supported by a variety of favorable national policies, the sensor Market is about to enter the stage of rapid development. In this extremely favorable situation, the prospect of China's sensor market is very good, and it has become a "sweet pastry" pursued by capital

the prospect is promising

the market scale reaches 120billion yuan

looking back on China's sensor industry, although it has developed rapidly, there are also some adverse factors. For example, in terms of product technology, the industrial foundation is weak, science and technology are divorced from production, the level of product technology is low, the product category is lack, and the enterprise's product research and development ability is weak. However, the country continues to formulate strategies and policies conducive to the development of the sensor industry, the rapid development of the whole machine system market throughout the year, and the continuous promotion of emerging technologies have also become favorable factors for the development of sensing

according to China's 12th Five Year Plan for electronic components, an investment of 500 billion yuan will be invested during the 12th Five Year Plan period, mainly in the research and development and industrialization of new electronic components. "The next five years will be the five years when the overall appearance of China's sensor market will develop steadily and rapidly compared with other types of packaging belts. With the annual growth momentum of more than 30%, the scale of China's sensor market is expected to reach more than 120billion yuan in 2014." Luo Baihui, chief researcher of IOT, believes that

at present, from the perspective of the whole field of gas sensors, although the technology is stable, the threshold is very low. The future direction can only be advanced. The development of IOT will greatly promote the development of sensor field, which will have great applications in energy, intelligent sensing, security monitoring, environmental protection and other fields. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of gas sensor industry will reach more than 60billion yuan, and the localization rate will reach more than 70%

in addition, in the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT released by the state, the development of micro and intelligent sensors, wireless sensor networks, etc. are also mentioned in key projects. Sensors also have new applications in other fields, such as industrial control, environmental protection, facility agriculture, multimedia image and other related sensor applications

smart electricity has become the largest user of sensors

when it comes to sensors, many people in the electronics industry will involuntarily associate them with "intelligence", and sensors have always been smart. For example, the figure of sensors can be seen in the field of smart electricity, and smart electricity is expected to become the largest user of sensors firmly around the sound financial service system to support the establishment and development of financial institutions

intelligent sensor is a sensor with information processing function, with a microprocessor, which has the ability to collect, process and exchange information. It is the product of the combination of sensor integration and microprocessor. Like many intelligent systems, smart electricity is not an individual, but the product of the joint action of many equipment and technology. Most of the cost of building smart electricity is spent on the terminal power distribution system and the terminal information system of smart electricity on power facilities. A large part of the construction of network security software and hardware will be invested in the sensor network, which directly drives the sensor market. At the same time, in order to meet the construction needs of smart electricity, sensors are also developing in the direction of intelligence, systematization, networking and digitization

connecting smart electricity with sensors is an inevitable global trend. According to the latest report of nanomarket, an industry analysis company, the smart electric sensor market report, the global smart electric sensor market will grow from $26.4 billion (about 162.44 billion yuan) in 2014 to $36.5 billion (about 224.58 billion yuan) in 2019 and nearly $46.8 billion (about 288 billion yuan) in 2021. It can be seen that sensors will play an important role in smart electricity

sensor future

China becomes the main battlefield

the process of China's industrial modernization and the continuous high-speed growth of the electronic information industry at a rate of more than 20% have driven the rapid rise of the sensor market. The Chinese sensor market has been growing continuously in recent years, with a growth rate of more than 15%

at present, there are about 40 countries in the world engaged in the research and production of sensors, with more than 5000 research and development and production units and more than 20000 products. Among them, 1688 domestic enterprises and institutions are engaged in the research, production and application of sensors, of which more than 50 are engaged in the research and production of MEMS, but the scale and application fields are small

due to the lack of large-scale application, domestic sensor products generally have the contradiction of technical level 1. Experimental force: 300KN low and high price. In the international market, enterprises from Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia and other old industrial countries dominate the sensor market. Many manufacturers have achieved large-scale production, and some enterprises have an annual production capacity of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. In contrast, the application scope of sensors in China is relatively narrow, and more applications still remain in basic application fields such as industrial measurement and control. Depending on this, the competition in China's sensor market is very fierce

China, as the main battlefield in the international battlefield and the development center of the Asia Pacific region, also reflects to a certain extent that who can successfully seize the Chinese market means that who can successfully seize the sensor market will surely have the largest share in the sensor market. Therefore, China is bound to become the main battlefield of sensors in the future

what China's sensor industry should do now is not only to realize the industrialization of independent property rights, but also to strengthen its own sensor technology research, promote the research and development of sensor application technology, accelerate the industrialization process of new sensors, and make more domestic sensors enter the domestic and foreign markets as soon as possible, so as to quickly improve the market share of domestic new sensors and narrow the gap with developed countries at a faster speed, Promote the all-round development of China's sensor market

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