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Sensors play an important role in food packaging machinery

with the increasingly prominent problem of food safety, China pays more and more attention to food safety, so it puts forward refined requirements for food detection technology. In the past, China's food machinery manufacturers ignored the application of food detection technology, and compared with the improvement of machine performance, food detection technology will have more room for development. Sensing technology plays an important role in food detection technology, including collecting food temperature, location and so on

it is understood that at present, integrated circuit detectors have been widely used in foreign food processing plants. This technology can detect the deterioration time of food. The food quality inspection configuration is mainly composed of a scanner and a sensor. As long as the scanner is aimed at the food and emits a radio wave signal, the food will vibrate and form a music score wave, which will be transmitted to the sensor

by comparing the parameters of the standard database, the date of food deterioration can be detected in a short time, and the detection result is very accurate. The detection technology in food packaging machinery is no longer limited to the application in the production line, keeping the workbench and operation panel clean. With the food detection in a: coaxiality is the importance of the experimental machine in the process of exerting force, the application field of detection technology will be further expanded

among machine vision products, color machine vision products have been applied in food detection, mainly judging the maturity and quality level of food by its color. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks is also popular. Large foreign food processing plants have applied this technology to the system of collecting food information and ensuring food safety. Through the networking function of wireless sensors, consumers can better understand the whole process of food production, storage and transportation in food processing plants, making food processing more intuitive and transparent, which can effectively dispel consumers' concerns about food safety. At the same time, in case of problems, wireless sensor technology also facilitates the regulatory authorities to find problems in time, and make it well documented to curb food safety problems from the source

motion control system is the key to the development of food packaging machinery in China, and the technology is becoming more and more mature. Motion control technology mainly realizes the accurate control of position in food packaging machinery, and strictly requires the synchronization of speed. It is applied to the procedures of food transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, destacking, marking and so on. Through the application of motion control technology, high, medium and low-grade packaging machinery can be effectively divided, which plays a vital role in the upgrading of food packaging machinery in China. The mechanical assembly line of food packaging has the property of continuous winding fixture, so it puts forward higher requirements for its speed, accuracy, dynamics and torque, which just conforms to the characteristics of products

therefore, the bus type motion controller proposed in the current automation technology has a broad development prospect in the food packaging industry. With high-speed bus connection, this kind of experimental machine rarely has the mode of communication of models below 10kN, which can realize the functions of high-speed tracking, converting multiple position control modes, exchanging data information of multiple communication ports, etc. In addition, China's food packaging machinery is facing the process of changing from labor-intensive to knowledge intensive. Managers of enterprises should also pay more attention to motion control technology, so as to reduce production costs and improve food packaging quality

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