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Sensor intelligent public transport system put into operation

February 11 - the intelligent public transport system using the latest sensor technology has been put into operation in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

this intelligent public transportation system is divided into 12 subsystems, which comprehensively uses network communication, GIS geographic information, GPS positioning and electronic control 1 Soil 0.5 mm/min; System and other means, integrating intelligent operation and scheduling, electronic stop sign issuance, IC card charging, ERP (Rapid Transit System) management. Mechanical property test of steel wire and steel wire rope

in the dispatching center of Wuxi public transport company, the dispatcher can see the bus running route and operation status on the LED screen, and can view the road congestion and the real-time drawing in each vehicle according to the simulated vehicle driving route. When waiting at the bus stop, citizens can know the arrival time and distance of the vehicle, and determine the arrival time by checking the vehicle location information

the technicians of Wuxi public transport company said that the system can master the daily operation status of each bus in detail, including loss costs, profitability and other data

according to the plan, colleagues who will build an urban market in Wuxi in the future often ask themselves to think about the city's traffic intelligent sensing in a transposition. At that time, through the detection equipment, the system can automatically allocate traffic lights in case of road congestion or special circumstances, and can predict the congested road sections and recommend the best driving route to the car owners

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