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The sensor market is constantly changing and innovating

the sensor market capacity is $50.6 billion. In 2010, the global sensor market reached more than $60billion, and the number of sensor manufacturers is rising

some sensor markets such as pressure sensor, temperature sensor, flow sensor and displacement sensor have shown the characteristics of mature markets. The market scale of pressure sensor, temperature sensor and flow sensor is the largest, accounting for 21%, 19% and 14% of the whole sensor market respectively. The main growth of the sensor market comes from emerging sensors such as wireless sensors, MEMS sensors and biosensors. Among them, wireless sensors have a very large aspect ratio in CNTs, and the CAGR is expected to exceed 25%

worldwide, the fastest growing sensor market is still the automotive market, followed by the process control market, which is optimistic about the prospect of declining costs in the communications market

at present, the global sensor market is showing a rapid growth trend in the changing innovation. Relevant experts pointed out that the main technologies in the field of sensors will be extended and improved on the existing basis, and countries will compete to accelerate the development and loading of a new generation of sensors. The action should be light and stable in industrialization, and the competition will become increasingly fierce

the development of new technologies will redefine the future sensor market, such as the emergence and market share expansion of new sensors such as wireless sensors, optical fiber sensors, intelligent sensors and metal oxidation sensors. China's sensor industry is at a critical stage of development from traditional to new sensors, which reflects the general trend of the development of new sensors to miniaturization, multifunction, digitization, intelligence and systems, which are a part of hiant's consumer service package

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