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Sensor technology continues to refresh medical sensors to make contributions

medical sensors are devices that can detect or respond to physiological signals of the human body. As a "sensory organ" that can feel vital signs, sensors extend the perception ability of doctors and are the key devices of medical equipment

the definition of sensor in national standard GB is: a device or device that can feel the specified measured and convert into usable signals according to a certain law, which is usually composed of sensitive elements and conversion elements. Generally speaking, the sensor is a detection device that can feel non electric signals such as temperature, force, light, sound, chemical composition, etc. it can print clearly and transform the detected information into electrical information output according to a certain law, which is conducive to subsequent processing

a sensor in medicine is a device that can detect or respond to physiological signals of the human body. As a "sensory organ" that can feel vital signs, sensors extend the perception ability of doctors and are the key devices of medical equipment

medical sensors can be mainly used to measure heart sound, blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, blood flow, etc. the detection data will be used as important physiological parameters to provide help for clinical diagnosis; In terms of patient monitoring, medical sensors can continuously determine whether some physiological parameters are in the normal range for a long time, so that doctors can grasp the condition of patients at any time; In terms of examination, doctors can use sensors to detect normal or abnormal physiological parameters, such as blood pressure and the concentration of various cells in the blood; In addition, in terms of automatic control, the actuator will automatically adjust and react according to the physiological information provided by the sensor, so as to control the physiological process of the human body. For example, the syringe pump adjusts the propulsion volume according to the information of the flow sensor, so as to realize the automatic control of the injection volume per unit time

with the continuous development of sensing technology, many new medical sensors have come out, and sensors have been more and more widely used in the medical field. Recently, a research team at Tel Aviv University designed a new biosensor that can separate and target leukemia stem cells. Researchers said that through this sensor, doctors can encode leukemia cells of leukemia patients, so as to screen personalized drugs for patients. The new quantum sensor developed by researchers at the Institute of quantum computing (IQC) of the University of Waterloo has made significant progress in Remote 3D imaging and monitoring cancer treatment. Before that, scientists from Peking University and other institutions developed a new sensitive biosensor, which is expected to diagnose whether the fetus has Down syndrome in medicine. The detection process only requires fetal DNA in the blood of pregnant women, and will not bring health risks to pregnant women and fetuses

sensor technology has been greatly strengthened in the medical industry. It has been announced to regulate the annual audit of enterprises. Now, sensors have shown great potential in cancer treatment, non-invasive detection and other fields. In the future, sensor technology will continue to improve, and the application of sensors in the field of modern medicine may be more and more extensive and in-depth, which will also promote the greater development of modern medical diagnosis and treatment methods. At that time, benefiting from the development of sensing technology, medical problems such as genetic diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, frostbite, blood diseases, etc. may also be solved to a certain extent. 2. The main motor source of the tensile testing machine is not bright

science and technology benefit mankind. It is hoped that with the efforts of scientists, more modern technologies will be applied to the cause of human health and seek happiness for mankind

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