The hottest sensor market is maturing, and the tro

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The sensor market is maturing, and the "troika" drives the industry to take off

now, all walks of life are seeking intelligent transformation. As the entrance of data acquisition, sensors are the "heart" of intelligent manufacturing subdivisions such as IOT and intelligent control. They are the main force of intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry and play an important role in the process of intelligent production

recently, at the global sensor and Intelligent Development Summit Forum held in Beijing, guoyuansheng, chief engineer of the electronic component industry development research center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that "a three-year action guide for the intelligent sensor industry (" all integrated components are connected by plugging, and components made of our materials are not only used for decoration for 9 years) "was about to be issued, The action guide clearly takes the intellectualization of sensors as the development goal and direction of the industry, and determines the industrial development path of combining MEMS technology and integrated circuit technology

Nowadays, sensors have been widely used in various fields of people's production and life, such as industrial automation, modern agriculture, aerospace technology, military engineering, robotics, resource development, ocean exploration, environmental monitoring, security, medical diagnosis, transportation, household appliances and so on

according to the "analysis report on the development prospect and investment prediction of China's sensor manufacturing industry in", which was released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the pressure sensor, temperature sensor, flow sensor and level sensor have shown the characteristics of a mature market. The market scale of flow sensor, pressure sensor and temperature sensor is the largest, accounting for 21%, 19% and 14% of the whole sensor market respectively

the three driving forces give birth to new kinetic energy of the industry

the rapid growth of sensors is the result of the joint action of multiple factors. Guoyuansheng, chief engineer of the electronic component industry development research center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the three major factors of market, technology and policy will drive the development of sensors into the fast lane. Among them, the driving force of the market is obvious. Cars, high-speed rail, consumer electronics, etc. all bring huge markets for sensors; In addition, the iteration of technology will also rapidly drive the development of the sensor industry. With the development of electronics, materials, physics, chemistry and other aspects, especially the maturity and application of MEMS technology, multifunctional, miniaturized, digital, systematic, networked and intelligent sensors that meet the market demand continue to emerge, forming a new driving force for the development of sensors

the most important of the three driving forces is the introduction of supporting policies, which will greatly promote the development of China's sensor industry. According to Guo Yuansheng, advanced sensors have been listed as the strategic development focus in the 13th five year plan; Next, the "three-year action guide (year) for the smart sensor industry" of the Ministry of industry and information technology is about to be issued. While determining that intellectualization is the goal and direction of the development of the sensor industry, the mechanical performance testing machine is highly comparable, it has also formulated the industrial development roadmap, determined the industrial development path of the combination of MEMS technology and integrated circuit technology, and the policy support principle dominated by market application

policy formulation needs to grasp the "three aspects"

we all know that the development of sensor industry is closely related to the development of regional industry. In terms of the driving force of policy, in China, because each region has its own different industrial advantages, it is necessary to consider the individuality and commonness of each region in the formulation of local and national policies, not only to have its own development strategy, but also to have common goals and norms to regulate

at the forum, you Zheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of Tsinghua University, pointed out that from the perspective of Chinese scientific research institutes, the sensor industry policy-making has "three aspects": facing the world's scientific and technological frontier, facing the major national needs, and facing the main battlefield of the national economy. The main idea is to closely integrate with the local economy and promote the development of research institutions and innovative enterprises at home and abroad to suitable regions according to the regional economic development plan

at present, sensors are playing an increasingly important role in the field of science and technology, industrial and agricultural production and daily life. It is said that market demand promotes technological innovation, and the high requirements put forward by people for sensors have become a powerful driving force for the development of sensor technology. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, reopening the oil delivery valve makes the test bench rise by 5-10mm, and then closing the oil valve provides a strong backing for the development of sensors. It is believed that the sensor industry will reach a new level in the near future

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