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China rubber market spot spot and order spot market Express (3.24)

today's trading situation in China rubber market is as follows:

the spot spot spot market today rose or fell by half, with a total of 174 tons of natural rubber traded throughout the day, 81 tons less than yesterday. Among them, 11 tons of concentrated latex were sold, with an average price of 15000 yuan/ton, up 1.02%; 10 standard glue was sold for 10 tons, with an average price of 18270 yuan/ton, up 0.35%; 5. The development momentum of China's new material industry is good. The average price of 91 tons of standard glue is 19705 yuan/ton, down another 0.03%; The turnover of 20 standard glue was 62 tons. The average price was 18100 yuan/ton, down 2. Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine were used 1.63% more frequently

the spot market of orders maintained an upward trend today, with an increase of yuan/ton. The daily order volume was 6750 batches, and 800 batches were sold. Among them, the 0604 contract closed at 20235 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton, with 50 batches of transactions and 1240 batches of orders

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