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Meeting point strategy signed with smart tooth technology and other enterprises to jointly build the exhibition industry ecology

recently, the 2016 meeting point City partner and strategic partner press conference was grandly held. Mr. Chu Xiangyin, executive vice president of China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, Mr. Jiang Wei, President of all economic union innovation fund, well-known companies such as smart tooth technology and softcom power, strategic partners of the conference, as well as customer representatives of the conference, and more than 100 friends in the media field were invited to attend the conference

the theme of this conference is smart innovation and win-win cooperation. Mr. Chu Xiangyin, executive vice president of China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, made a welcome speech on this conference. He fully affirmed the current development of China's Convention and exhibition industry and the meeting site as a long-term partner in the field of smart Conference management of China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, and called on more people in the industry to pay attention to the development of China's Convention and exhibition industry

Mr. Zhou Jian, the founder and CEO of the meeting point, as a one-stop smart meeting management + brand socialized marketing service management SaaS platform, made a detailed introduction to the product and market development to the guests, and through the previous market and service exploration, gradually improved the product and business model, and built it into today's: Internet + meeting smart management - meeting connect, + meeting management ability - micro site Sharing economic socialization promotion platform -- conference promotion and trading system, and the four in one platform product and service mode are described

(Figure: Mr. Zhou Jian, founder and CEO of the meeting point)

the era of change in the new environment has brought an important enlightenment: in today's closely connected world, it is increasingly difficult for enterprises to be alone, and enterprises increasingly emphasize win-win cooperation and shared growth. The core of enterprise business model innovation should be to understand the integration of resources, make better use of the existing resource capabilities of trading partners, grow together with trading partners, and achieve win-win cooperation, which is also the original intention of the meeting point to launch the strategic partnership plan in 2016

at this press conference, the meeting point signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known companies such as wisdom tooth technology, conference worry free, soft power, Friday coffee, niuyou information, the first power supply should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices, and MoMA, covering areas such as traditional offline conference services, maker space, industrial park value-added services, red live broadcasting, artificial intelligence customer service, expert resource integration, etc. By integrating resources in many aspects, 170000 tons of synthetic resin products have been completed. Relying on large-scale conferences and exhibitions and large-scale cultural and tourism project activities, we will comprehensively build multi angle, multi field and innovative service business capabilities, and achieve a win-win exhibition industry ecosystem with partners

(Figure: group photo of strategic partner signing ceremony)

the agreement of value concept. The achievement of cooperation consensus is the beginning of everything. How to do it, how to form a strong complementarity of each other's resources and services, and achieve the effect of 1+1 2 is the ultimate goal and value significance of strategic cooperation

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