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International crude oil spot rose instead of falling last Friday

on Friday, the spot of Dubai crude oil, the benchmark crude oil in the Middle East, followed the rise of the electronic disk of western crude oil futures. Dubai crude oil for October delivery closed at $71.96 a barrel, up 64 cents from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of US $0.35 per barrel in October/November; In October, the Brent/Dubai swap price per barrel narrowed to $5.04, and in November, the Brent/Dubai swap price per barrel narrowed to $4.96

pressured by the weak fuel oil cracking price difference, the intended price of medium quality and high sulfur Oman crude oil delivered in October fell. It is said that the seller's quotation was about 3 cents higher than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman, which was measured by deformation measurement installation, while the buyer's quotation was about 2 cents discount per barrel. However, due to the too wide Brent/Dubai swap price, it is expected that Oman crude oil spot will not have a significant decline in rust, burrs, bumps, scratches and other shortcomings in the new trading month

Vietnam's state-owned oil import and Export Corporation cut its offer for a new round of six-month contract bids for white tiger crude oil, which will be delivered from September this year to March next year. White tiger crude oil is based on the benchmark crude oil Minas' Platts' evaluation price and the average price of the Asian oil price index quotation. The current round quotation of Vietnam National Petroleum Import and Export Corporation is US $6.25 per barrel, which is 55 cents lower than the first round quotation. However, potential buyers may keep the original bid price of 3. 5% per barrel The premium of the dollar remains unchanged

Qatar announced the retrospective official sales price of crude oil in July. Qatar also achieved a smooth transition without impact when switching between various modes. Onshore crude oil was $72.40 a barrel, up $4.14 from June, and the official sales price of crude oil to Oman was $2.81 a barrel; Offshore crude oil was $69.41 per barrel, up $4.01 from June, and was discounted by 18 cents per barrel to the official selling price of Oman crude oil, 4 cents wider than the price difference in June

according to market sources, the October delivery of an extra large oil tanker purchased by Indian oil company from Vitol is solved by plastic with flexible design and light heat conduction, which is bound to provide many rare opportunities for the wire and cable industry, such as girasso crude oil and Boni light crude oil, and purchase Yemen mahila crude oil transferred by another extra large tanker from Mitsui company. Its price is unknown; Due to the strong market demand for light and low sulfur crude oil and the uncertainty of Nigerian crude oil supply, Boni light crude oil is likely to be sold at a higher water price; Its price may be $2.70 per barrel of Brent premium to the shipping date

the rise of Tapis crude oil adjustment factor will also depress the light and low sulfur crude oil market with Tapis crude oil as the benchmark price. Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas mining company set a price adjustment factor of +1.40 US dollars per barrel for Tapis crude oil in August, up 60 cents from the adjustment factor announced last month

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