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Guangyong Futures: spot continued to strengthen, Shanghai rubber high callback

TOCOM Tianjiao high 1 on Wednesday, volume effect level finishing. The main RSS3 contract in November closed at 346.4 yen/kg, down 3.4 yen, with an increase of 413 positions and 23704 transactions; On Wednesday, Shanghai Rubber opened low and went high in the morning, and then fell due to the sharp decline of Japanese rubber. The main contract ru0809 opened at 27000 yuan/ton, with a minimum of 26600. It closed at 26705 yuan, down 395 yuan, with 124 positions reduced slightly, and 583086 transactions. The trading volume shrank slightly

fundamentals, the spot RSS3 quotation of Asian rubber on June 17 was 330 cents/kg, unchanged from Monday, while the standard glue str20, sir20 and SMR20 rose slightly from Monday. On June 18, chinarubber quoted 27547 standard glue of spot SCR5, up 0.29% from Monday. At present, the main production areas in the world are still in the process of continuous recovery of rubber cutting, but from the point of view of the spot market and inventory, the new rubber has not had a significant impact on the current market, and the tight supply situation is still maintained. According to the latest forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the fourth large-scale heavy rainfall will hit southern China again, affecting the overall export amount of the cloud industry and the rubber cutting work in the southern rubber planting area. After the closing of Shanghai rubber market today, the US dollar/yen exchange rate used the gap centering model to make the impact sample gap in the center of the support span rebound strongly, and the crude oil price stabilized after the closing of Shanghai rubber market, which also supported the rubber price

technically, after HuJiao ru0809 hit a new high, it was depressed by profit taking, but it was supported by the 5-day moving average below. The spot price is still strong. The evaluation information of intentional additives and the compliance of total migration volume (only molded products) are strong. The high crude oil price is stable. Ru0809 does not blindly build empty orders and wait and see

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