The hottest spot merchants of CSC futures stopped

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CSC Futures: the PTA of spot traders stopped production for maintenance rose

today, the PTA of Zheng Shang exchange increased its position, the collective performance was strong, and the main contract 809 rose sharply, with active transactions

at present, Ningbo Yisheng, Ningbo Mitsubishi, Zhuhai BP and the expanded signal voltage can reach 10V. Xianglu petrochemical and other major domestic PTA production enterprises have thrown out shutdown and maintenance plans, which has depressed the price of raw material PX while crude oil fell. Today, China National fiber price index PTA rose slightly, the living conditions of spot traders have been improved to a certain extent, and the shutdown and overhaul have also played a positive role. It is expected that the domestic production in August is less than that in July. At the same time, the warehouse receipts are at a lower position, and the contract 809 in recent months will remain strong, that is, the orientation and relaxation of the melt

in terms of operation, multiple orders can continue to be held

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