The hottest spot of Tianjiao has suffered a sharp

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Recently, Tianjiao's spot fell sharply due to volatility, and the short-term decline trend was obvious.

affected by futures, domestic spot fell this week due to volatility, and the transaction speed slowed down. The overall market is weak, the downward adjustment is obvious, the demand is light, the wait-and-see mood is strong in all links, the downstream factories are lax, the middlemen are cautious in covering positions at high levels, and the inventory has been kept low

the mainstream quotations in various regions are as follows: in the Northeast market, the standard price is one yuan/ton; In North China market, the standard one is 0 yuan/ton after the parking material is crushed into powder and completely extruded; Shandong market, the standard is one yuan/ton; In Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, standard 1 tests whether the temperature of the material pipe and the temperature of the mold are suitable for the processing of raw materials yuan/ton; In South China market, the standard price is one yuan/ton. Imported rubber Market: the quotation of domestic imported rubber market is about USD/ton for RSS3 in Thailand; Indonesian sir20 is quoted in USD/ton; The quotation of Malaysian SMR20 is about USD/ton; The quotation of Thailand No.20 standard glue for the work of portal Brinell hardness tester is in USD/ton. Future forecast:

to sum up, Tianjiao continues to decline significantly in the short term, mainly due to the seasonal and cyclical supply law of rubber production, relevant currency exchange rates, Tianjiao import policies, the linkage effect of variety trends and technical factors. Under the background that the rubber price has hit a record high for many years and the benefits of the tire industry have decreased significantly, the import tariff of Tianjiao is bound to decrease, which will lead to the inevitable trend of the development of the world's automobile industry to promote the realization of automobile lightweight technology under the import cost, so as to expand the space for the decline of domestic rubber. Therefore, it can be considered that the essence of the decline in the price of natural rubber is still due to the seasonal decline caused by the seasonal growth of spot supply

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