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Not for one moment have I ever considered Covid vaccination to be anything other than hugely positive and beneficial. Everyone who is eligible should be vaccinated. But have I ever thought that a government senior official should be sacked for refusing to be vaccinated?

Until Tuesday this week, Serafín Carballo was the director of the Balearics office for childhood and adolescence. He is – was – often referred to as the ‘Defensor del Menor’, the defender of the minorRead Thursday. On Tuesday, he was sacked. The reason? Sixty-five years old, weeks in to the schedule for his age group to be vaccinated, it was discovered that he hadn’t been vaccinated.

His boss was the minister for social affairs, Fina Santiago. When she became aware that he hadn’t been vaccinated, she spoke to him about this. His stance was “respectable” but it could have consequences because of his position. She spoke to him on a second occasionCritics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party sa. His decision not to be vaccinated was firm. She consulted with President Armengol. They were as one. Serafín Carballo is no longer the defender of the minorwhere eastbound lanes were open between Leslie Street and Woodbine Avenue for ActiveTO..

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